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Sustainable luxury beauty products from Charlotte Rhys

I like to treat myself to unique and sophisticated beauty buys from time to time. But as someone who wants to reduce their carbon footprint, it’s not always easy to combine these. So how do you find sustainable, luxury beauty products?

For me, it is important to look a brand’s ethos before making a purchase. I recently discovered Charlotte Rhys, and the company’s vision impressed me straight away. They focus on creating premium fragranced products that celebrate the natural world and respect resources.

With a big prescence in high-end hotels across South Africa, my well-travelled readers or those from this area may well have come across the brand before. It was new to me, but I love discovering new companies that share my values.

Sustainable luxury beauty products

Accredited by the Vegan Society and Beauty Without Cruelty, Charlotte Rhys eco-credentials are inspiring. As well as fine fragrances, they offer bath, body and home products in each of their signature scents.

The inspiration for their scents is taken from nature. For me, this really works as I love fresh aromas. All of their products are assessed for green credentials, as well as many other criteria including safety and fairtrade ingredients.

Different fragrances

The fragrances are split into nicely defined categories, which is super helpful when buying online. You can opt for:

  • Green and clean
  • Citrus
  • Warm & Spicy
  • Floral

You can then buy a range of different products from each fragrance. This includes eau de toilette, hand and body cream, bath products, candles, diffusers and much more. It’s a really great approach. You can choose the scent you like, then match the products to what you are looking for.

Sustainable luxury beauty products

I have the Spring Flowers eau de toilette, which is part of the floral range. It is so fresh and clean, with floral top notes. The smell really makes me happy, akin cut flowers or a wild meadow. The price is mid-range at £65. I think this is fair, as the bottle is huge and you don’t need lots to get the effect, so it will last for quite some time.

I also have the No.17 hand and body lotion. This is a more woody and deep scent. I’m not sure I would enjoy it as a perfume but it is a lovely smell for a body lotion. The lotion itself is really luxurious, it is moisturing without being too greasy. It rubs in really well and will keep your skin soft for a long time.

I’m delighted to have discovered Charlotte Rhys. I think they will do really well in the UK beauty sector, as they strike the perfect balance between luxury and sustainability. With their vegan credentials too, this will be a big benefit. I will definitely be adding some more of their lovely range to my Christmas list!


I recieved a selection of gifted items for the purpose of this post. As always, the provision of gifted products does not affect my views which remain honest and reflect my own thoughts.

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