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Five fantastic facts about female fertility

If you want to become a parent, either now or in the future, it’s worth knowing as much information as possible about your fertility so that you can prepare.

Lots of women turn to egg freezing and other fertility treatments but many of us don’t even really know what’s involved in these types of procedures as fertility is often seen as a taboo subject and not really explored in great detail in schools.

Here are four fantastic facts to help you understand your fertility a little better:

1. When a female baby is born, she has between one and two million eggs.

This is the most eggs she will ever have; by the time she reaches puberty, she will have around three hundred thousand and only roughly five hundred of these will be ovulated during her reproductive lifetime. 

2. With each menstrual cycle, a woman loss around three to five thousand eggs.

It is a misconception that a woman only releases one mature egg each month. However, it is not just women who have a biological clock, although research shows that it is much slower for men.

3. Excessive exercising can prevent a woman from becoming pregnant

This is because it can stop the menstrual cycle, which is obviously crucial if you want to conceive. Having said that, exercise is great in moderation, as is a healthy, nutritious diet, just be careful not to overdo it. 

4. Chemotherapy can cause infertility,

This is why many women decide to freeze their eggs before the start their treatment. However, if you are still able to conceive after cancer treatment, you’ll be pleased to know that it is not harmful for yourself or the baby. 

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