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Zimpli Kids review and giveaway

Having a toddler means getting into all kinds of messes that you never imagined. I regularly find myself coated in paint, covered in stickers, or with Play-Doh wedged under my fingernails. But the truth of it is a lot of kids just like having messy play experiences!

So when I was contacted by Zimpli Kids, asking if I wanted to try out some of their products, I felt I owed it to my mess-loving toddler to give them a go. We got to play with the Gelli Baff, Slime Baff and we also have some Snoball Play which we’re looking forward to using very soon. And I’m also giving away one of each of these products to one lucky reader!

Before I get started on the review, I want to address the issue of Boron being found in different slime products. A Which? report found a number of lower-quality brands’ products contained dangerous levels of the chemical Boron. Reassuringly, the products from Zimpli Kids are free of boron, boric acid and do not contain any other boric acid derivatives. You can find the full details in this article.

Onto the play! The idea is to turn your child’s bath into a slime or goo fest, however that was a bit full on for me so we went with a big tub of gunkiness, trying out the blue Slime Baff first. You simply add the powder to warm water and hey presto, you’re away. As I was using less water than a bath, I just added a bit of the powder at a time until I was happy with the result. There are clear instructions included with each box.

As we were using a tub, we set it up on a very large wipeable mat that we use for messy play. This was a good idea as we did get a few splashes! P was a little bit apprehensive to begin with, but soon got into the sensory play experience. We liked putting some of P’s toys in and pretending it was the sea. She also enjoyed using some cups and jugs to pour the goo into each other, and mixing it up with some spoons.

To dispose of the Gelli Baff, you add the dissolver powder, which turns the goo back to coloured water which can be drained away safely and easily. The Slime Baff is a simple case of just adding more water until it becomes diluted and can go down the drain.

The good news is that I’m giving away a set of Zimpli Kids best-selling products to one lucky reader. The winner will receive 1 x Gelli Baff, 1 x Slime Baff and 1 x Snoball Play. To be in with a chance of winning simply enter below:

Click here to enter the competition through Rafflecopter

If you’re not the lucky winner then you can buy your own Zimpli Kids Gelli and Slime from many retailers including The Entertainer. I’ve included a link to be helpful, it’s not an affiliate link and Zimpli Kids did not ask me to include it.

Good luck and here’s to many happy playtimes!

I was sent some products free of charge from Zimpli Kids for the purposes of this review. As always my reviews are honest and are not influenced by the provision of free products. The giveaway has been organised by myself and not at the request of Zimpli Kids. I will personally fulfil the prize.

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