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As my blog is part of my me time, this post is dedicated to my little corner of the world wide web. I find blogging a great way to spend my free time as I enjoy writing and I have become more interested in creating graphics and working on the design of my website.

I recently treated myself to a new phone and this has made a surprising difference to my blogging capabilities. I went with the Samsung S10 as it was being offered at a great monthly price, and it is so fast at loading and operating that it’s really helped me. I can write a blog post really easily on it as the screen is a good size, and in fact the 4G on it is regularly better than my wifi.

But using my phone a lot more means sometimes my battery needs a bit of a boost even when I’m on the go. I was lucky enough to be offered a Power Bank from USB Makers, which is great for giving my phone a charge when the power is running low. It’s a really handy size to pop in my bag and have with me when I am out and about. Essentially you charge up the power bank, and that becomes your power source when you need to top up your battery.

The really cool part is that USB makers branded mine up for me with my blog logo and it looks fabulous! I’ve had several compliments on it and it’s been an opportunity to give my blog a bit of a plug :o)

Branded power bank from USB Makers
Branded power bank from USB makers

Getting the power bank ordered and branded was a breeze. I contacted one of the account managers (hats off to Charlotte for being so friendly and so efficient) and let her know what I wanted to order, and sent my artwork across. Within 5 minutes I had my proof, and once agreed it was sent off for production. Super speedy work! Delivery with their express service is within 3-5 days and my power banks arrived within 4 working days. They also offer a rapid express service on a number of items, if you need something the next day.

Shipping is also free of charge which is a bonus, as it makes it easy when you are budgeting if you don’t have to account for this.

I received the Venice power bank, and as you can see from the pictures it is a really handy and well-designed little gadget. There are 9 different personalised power banks to choose from, and the minimum order starts at just 10 units, so it’s perfect if you need smaller quantities. Working in marketing I can see this would be a benefit, as sometimes larger minimum numbers can lead to branded items just sitting around with a home. 

If you need personalised items either for work, or for an event, or like me to have a little bit of merchandising for your blog, USB Makers would be a great choice. The service was excellent, the products are great quality and the team were so lovely I’m sure they would be very accommodating if there were any issues or concerns.


I was gifted 10 branded power banks from USB Makers for the purposes of this review. I was not however under any obligation to write favourably about them, only to share my opinions. The provision of free products does not influence my opinions, which remain honest.

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