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Why we love…The Collective Dairy Suckies yoghurts

Let’s face it, being a parent is hard. I’m sure we have all had moments where we question if we are doing a good job, wondering if we are doing the best for our children, and fretting about decisions we have made.

Well that’s me a lot of the time. I’m the first to admit that I’m a natural worrier anyway and since having P there have been countless times that I stress myself out over even the smallest of things.

One is her food. Will she grow up to be a good eater? Will she be fussy? Is she eating enough vegetables? What about fruit? Too much or too little? You get the picture.

But sometimes there are food brands that I discover that make such a positive impact on our daily lives, regardless of how small, that I feel having a blog is a great place to sing their praises and advocate them to other mums and dads. So I’ve decided to start a new series of blog posts, called ‘Why We Love…’. Today, it’s the star turn of The Collective Dairy and their Suckies yoghurts.


P has always loved yoghurt; it’s one of the few things I could get her to eat in the early days of weaning. It also became a really important snack for her when we started transitioning her away from daytime milk feeds as my return to work drew closer. You can find my blog post about snack ideas here. I was fastidious about choosing yoghurts (and other snacks for that matter) that had no added sugar. I think there are going to be so many occasions in the future where P will end up having sugar, that finding food which doesn’t rely on it for flavour is really important.

Our absolute favourite became The Collective Dairy Suckies range. Here are three reasons why:

  1. They are made with whole milk yoghurt and fruit, with no added sugar. Repeat, no added sugar. After all, why is this needed when you can sweeten with fruit? The ingredients are all natural, which again is a big bonus. And the whole milk yoghurt is filling, and has lots of the fats needed for transitioning from milk to solid food.
  2. The packaging is great. The handy pouches are great for meals away from home, and are perfect for getting some food into P if she’s in an ‘I don’t want to eat from a bowl or with a spoon’ mood. She’s also enamoured with the dog on the pouch and will gaze at it lovingly while tucking into her yoghurt.
  3. They are genuinely delicious. On many occasion I have ended up eating a spoonful if P hasn’t finished everything or to show her how it’s done. And I have to say they are really tasty yoghurts. It makes me wonder why so many ‘grown-up’ yoghurts are unnecessarily loaded with added sugar. The blueberry, raspberry and peach flavours are the biggest hits with P, and you can also choose from banana and raspberry.

Suckies are available in all major supermarkets, we buy ours from Ocado or Sainsburys. They are around 75p each and I know Ocado quite often has a multibuy deal. You can find your nearest stockist with their handy store locator or you can email The Collective Dairy at to find out where to buy.

As a lovely brand they have a kids page over their website which includes some fun activity sheets for little ones. There is lots of encouragement for getting your kids involved physical activity too, in partnership with triathletes the Brownlee Brothers and their Foundation, which they set up to give children all over the UK a positive sporting experience. By the way, I googled the Brownlee brothers and remembered seeing the coverage of them from 2016, of Alistair helping his brother Jonny over the finishing line of a race in Cozumel, Mexico, even though it meant him losing the chance to win the race. Which is pretty nice, isn’t it?

So a big thanks to The Collective Dairy for helping me find my feet along the sometimes bumpy path of weaning.

Have you tried The Collective Dairy? Do your little ones love them too?


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