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Why reading is so important for children

Reading is an important skill that provides a variety of benefits to children. Reading helps us to learn new vocabulary and expand our knowledge on different topics, while also being great for enjoyment and leisure. If your child needs a bit of encouragement, a senior school in Hertfordshire have put together the following tips and advice for you.

Increases knowledge

Many children find it boring, but the more they read the more they learn. If you encourage your children to read frequently, you will help educate them and spark their creativity. This will not only help them in an academic way but also give them lots of interesting and unique things to chat about with their friends.

Enhances vocabulary

Reading, in any form, has been proven to enhance the reader’s vocabulary. Whether it’s books, websites, magazines or any other written material, reading will help your child to discover new words. When they stumble across a word that they do not understand, encourage them to write it down and then look up the meaning in a dictionary or online later. Having a broader vocabulary will help your children with their writing and communication skills.

Improves writing

As well as broadening their vocabulary, regular reading will help your kids understand different sentence structures, genres, character development and other elements of a great story. This will all contribute them becoming a better writer. When your child finishes a novel, you could encourage them to write an alternative ending or a book review.

Helps relaxation

If your child finds it hard to wind down after school, reading could be the answer! By immersing themselves in a good book, your child will forget about any troubles and start to relax after school.

Try and keep your children reading when schools are closed and throughout the school holidays. This will prevent them from falling into a kind of slump where they start to forget all of their hard work at school.

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