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Wholesome breakfasts made simple with MOMA

It’s not always easy to eat a wholesome breakfast when you’re rushing around in the mornings. Work, school-run, pets, housework; there is always something to keep us busy!

That’s why it is has been great discovering the MOMA porridge oats in ready to eat pots. By simply adding boiling water to the pre-filled pot, you can get a hearty breakfast in just a few minutes. I like that MOMA only use wholegrain oats in their products including their porridge pots.

The wholegrain oats that are used contain all 3 parts of the grain which together provide fibre, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins and minerals all in one little oat.

The flavours are really inventive. You can choose from a whole range including plain, cranberry & raisin, coconut & chia and almond butter & salted caramel. The cranberry & raisin is my personal favourite, as it makes the porridge lovely and sweet with the natural flavouring of delicious fruit.


I like MOMA’s commitment to sustainability too. They have removed plastic lids from their pots and are working on making all of their packaging fully recyclable. Whenever possible MOMA source their oats from local British farms to ensure the quality is high but the food miles are low, which is good to hear.

This is a great effort and I’m keen to see what they will do to innovate further in the future.

MOMA is all about the oats; as well as porridge they offer an oat drink and a range of mueslis.

MOMA is definitely a firm favourite in our household. The pots will no doubt be a staple particularly during the colder months when a hot bowl of porridge is a great way to start the day!

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