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What It Takes To Nail That BBQ Flavour

There are plenty of BBQ aficionados that will agree with the premise that there are few ways to prepare both meat and veg with more flavour than to get them over some burning coals. However, while BBQ does offer a way to add extra flavour to your meats, that doesn’t mean that it’s all you should rely on. Here, we’re going to look at ways you can maximize the flavour any time you get out for the first grilling of the year.

Keep herbs and marinades at the ready

Of course, good marinades and herbs are going to help you make the best out of any meat. It’s important to make sure you know which marinades suit your meats, as well as to ensure that you have fresh herbs at the ready. One little tip that you might not have heard is to sprinkle some of those herbs directly onto your coals. Some of the flavour is going to get carried through the smoke. What’s more, it smells delicious, building anticipation in your fellow diners.

Add flavouring directly to the coals

Of course, if you’re talking about adding flavour to be cooking process, herbs are all well and good, but nothing is as effective as the right choice of woodchips. There are plenty of kinds of flavoured woodchips that you can use. Some of them are even flavoured after some of your favourite drinks (and a good bourbon woodchip is actually a really good choice). There are also flavouring pellets that you can buy specifically for this purpose.

Get a more versatile grill 

Your choice of the grill is, naturally, going to okay a huge role in how your BBQs turn out. There are undoubtedly pros and cons to each type of BBQ, too, but if you want more control over your grill, you can’t beat charcoal BBQs. They’re much more versatile thanks to their ability to apply heat quickly for a nice hot sear, or to apply a low heat to slow-cook those larger cuts, as well as for indirect cooking through the foil.

Use a salt block

There are a lot of different ways to cook on a BBQ grill. Using the heat indirectly can help you cook certain types of meat very effectively. Grilling foods in the foil is an example, but you can also cook directly on top of bricks, which also has a fairly impressive look to it. However, you don’t need to use any old brick for it. Himalayan salt bricks are great for cooking things with that extra salty touch that isn’t overly strong, but works its way nicely through the meat, flavouring every inch of it.

Choose a special charcoal

Your choice of charcoal might do more for your flavour than you even recognise. Most important is making sure that it burns effectively enough to cook your meats. However, the are charcoals that are designed specifically for cooking. Animal bone charcoal is a great example. Animal bones are used predominantly in stews for their excellent flavouring capacities, but it can be tough to get that flavour out of them. Using them as charcoal is one very effective method.

Grab a cola 

A little sugar goes a long way. Most people will rely on salt to flavour their cuts of meat but the amount of salt you have to use to season a large cut can be pretty overpowering. If you’re looking to make sure that you still get that good bark on your meat and maximise flavour without saltiness, then spritzing cola on or using it as a baste can be the perfect thing. It might sound a little odd, but if you taste cola-barked ham, you’re going to realise just how ingenious it really is. The sugar in the cola has an excellent effect in counteracting the saltiness while still making sure you get that good bark.

Know what drink to pair your foods with

Lastly, it’s a small tip, but an important one. Your BBQ’s flavours are going to be brought out much more by the right drink pairing. For non-alcoholic drinks, a little lemonade is going to be perfect for counteracting both the saltiness and spiciness of hotter recipes. There are great summer drinks of the alcoholic variety that do much the same, too.

With the tips above, you can make sure that your BBQ is the talk of the town. There are plenty more ways to add flavour, of course, but there are some of the most basic tips you’re likely to rely on on a regular basis.

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