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What does the Pizza Express app offer?

I’m a huge advocate of Pizza Express for family-orientated dining. I think their menu, prices and relaxed atmosphere are all superb. And I really love their app too! So many apps are gimmicky and provide very little, but the opposite is true of Pizza Express’. So what does the Pizza Express app offer?

What does the Pizza Express app offer?

Pizza Express Club

The Pizza Express Club is one of the best reward schemes I know of. You get free Dough Balls as a gift as soon as you sign up, and who doesn’t love Dough Balls! Once you’re a member, you collect Pizza Stamps every time you dine in or place a takeaway order.

If you like Pizza Express’ supermarket options, you’re in luck too. Each Pizza Express cook at home pizza has a QR code which will help boost your Pizza Points.

And what about the freebies, I hear you ask! As you’d expect, they get bigger and better the more points you earn. There are three tiers; bronze, silver and gold. In bronze, you get a free side dish each time you dine or place a collection order. You also get a free dessert on your birthday. I can confirm this is true – mine was automatically added to my app on my most recent birthday.

By the time you get to gold, it’s such a good set of offers. You get:

  • Free Dough Balls
  • Free Romana Upgrade
  • Free Hot Drink or Dolcetti
  • Free Soft Drink or Free Large Water
  • Free Kids Meal (Piccolo)

I think that is super impressive. And if you already go to Pizza Express, or get takeaways, or even buy their supermarket options, it is completely worth signing up.

What does the Pizza Express app offer?

Paying and booking tables

One of the best other benefits in my opinion is that you can pay for the bill via the app. As well as paying the whole amount, you can split in with your fellow diners and pay for what you had. This is so much easier than having to work out who owes what. I know a lot of people are happy to split bills equally. But this offers another way if there’s a reason for someone to pay extra, such as having alcohol when others haven’t.

When you come to pay the bill on the app, this is when you can apply the discounts gained through the club. It is really simple to do, in a step by step way. And it’s so rewarding to see the bill drop so you know you’ve saved some of your hard-earned money!

The app also lets you book a table, and it’s a quick and easy process. It also then reminds you of your booking when you login. This is particularly handy if, like me, you tend to forget what time you have booked!

You can also check out the menus on the app, great for pre-planning or seeing what will meet your dietary needs.

How to download

You can grab the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Now go get those Pizza Points!


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