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What Costs to Expect When Your Child Starts School

In the UK, even if you send your child to a government funded school, rather than an independent one, there will be various costs to factor into your budgeting. A preparatory school in Oxfordshire have put together the following list so that you can feel more prepared.

School Meals

In UK government funded schools, all pupils will receive a free lunch until they reach the end of Year 2. After that, you will either have to give your child money for lunch or prepare them pack-up each day. The latter tends to be a cheaper option and you can ensure your child is eating a healthy, balanced diet.

Bear in mind that if you receive certain government benefits, your child may be eligible for free school meals even after Year 2, so don’t forget to check this on your local authority’s website.

School Uniform

The costs for school uniform, shoes and P.E. kit soon add up. In fact, this will probably one of your biggest expenditures when your youngster starts school. It’s a good idea to buy the uniform in instalments so that you can spread the cost over a few months. You could also consider buying the uniform in a slightly bigger size to allow some growing room, otherwise you’ll be buying it all again in a few months’ time.

Be sure to sew name tags into each of the garments so that if your child loses anything, there’s a bigger chance they’ll find it again.

School Supplies

Other school supplies also add up, like stationery, a school bag and any books they might need. Check with the school what they provide and what they will need you to buy so that you’re not spending money unnecessarily. You could also scout the local charity shops for a preloved school bag.

Clubs & Trips

There are many benefits to extra-curricular activities and the school might offer various after-school clubs for free. However, things like music lessons will usually come at a price. Other unforeseen fees may crop up throughout term, such as school trips, but these are not usually compulsory and there is often an easy payment option.

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