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Wagamama vegan menu review

While I’m not a vegan, I certainly do what I can to make ethical decisions. I am aware of my own environmental impact and choosing vegan food regularly is one way to reduce my carbon footprint.

I’m a massive fan of Wagamamas and it is exciting to see their new vegan menu launch. While it coincides with Veganuary, the new options are here to stay. They have also made a commitment to make 50% of their main menu meat free by the end of 2021. This is just part of their contribution to tackle climate change.

I am very lucky as I was invited to try out some of the vegan dishes for my blog. As we’re in lockdown everything was delivered to my door through Deliveroo. Result! To be honest, since becoming a mum takeaway is my go-to rather than going out to eat. So a food delivery is always welcome!

Wagamama vegan menu review

Before I talk about the dishes, a big thumbs up for the delivery. Everything was piping hot, packaged really well (in reusable or recyclable containers) and right on time. I love it when companies are reliable.

The food itself was amazing. Everything I tried was so fresh, full of flavour and moreish. My standouts was the vegan sticky ribs, made from mushroom and soya protein. They have a beautifully firm texture with a sweet and tangy sauce. Dare I say it, but I preferred them to meat ribs. I’m a sucker for side dishes, so the yasai gyoza was right up my street. The dumpling is perfection and the filling is crisp and juicy.

Wagamama vegan menu review vegan ribs
Wagamama vegan menu review yasai gyoza

The tofu raisukaree was also a big hit. The coconut flavour worked perfectly with the crunchy vegetables and I really liked the tofu itself. It had a nice springy texture and absorbed the flavour of the sauce. Yum.

The vegatsu was also divine. It’s not actually a new dish, but I haven’t had it before and I loved it. I will definitely opt for this over a classic katsu curry in the future. My daughter loved the rice too (just not the rest of it, but it’s a good start).

Wagamama vegan menu review firecracker tofu
Wagamama vegan menu review bang bang cauliflower
Wagamama vegan menu review tofu raisukaree


That’s just some of the highlights, but everything was fantastic. I’d order it all again and in fact I plan to very soon! Hopefully you’re inspired too by my Wagamama vegan menu review.

You can check out the new vegan menu on the Wagamamas site. During lockdown many branches are open for click and collect, and they deliver through Deliveroo in many areas too.

If you’re looking for vegan food that doesn’t compromise on taste, quality or choice, Wagamamas is the perfect solution. I’m thrilled to have added to my new repertoire of takeaways, especially as I know I can choose vegan and be just as happy as I would be with the main menu. Thank you Wagamama for making veganism ever more tasty.

If you’re looking for other vegan menus then this review of Turtle Bay is worth a read.


I was sent the dishes free of charge for the purposes of this review. As always the provision of free products or services does not influence my views, which remain my own and honest.


  • Sameer Patel

    You cannot be serious and say the vegan ribs were ‘soo delicious’ . They were absolutely vile.. prob the worst thing I have ever had.the texture the taste disgusting

    • infullflavour

      Aw sorry to hear you didn’t like them, I really, really enjoyed them! Hope you find something that you prefer 🙂

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