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Try your hand at upcycling or recycling

With the world in the state that it is in today (with fast fashion and throw away items too readily to hand), it is important that everyone does their bit to help stop the waste that is happening. Using new sustainable items for furniture and clothing is all very well, but it makes a lot of sense to use the items that have already been made and keep them in use for as long as possible.

Recycling and Upcycling 

Whether you are upcycling your own unwanted items or buying other people’s unwanted items and recycling them, either clothing or furniture, it can be a very gratifying and rewarding experience.

When you are looking at upcycling, it is a good idea to have in mind how much time you wish to spend on your project and whereabouts you are going to put it. Obviously, if you find that you catch the bug for this, then there is a market out there for selling upcycled furniture, you only have to look at such businesses as Annie Sloan to name a very famous business that not only provides chalk paint and wax for customers to create their own items to their own taste, but also sells upcycled furniture, and gives workshops and advice on how to get certain looks for your home.

If you decide that selling your creations is something that you are more than interested in looking into, you will also have to have a serious think about storage, selling, and large item shipping.

If you have a large home with spare space or a garage that you can use as a workshop and storage, then you have it covered. However, if not, then there are always storage facilities that will be more than happy to speak to you about the size of the container you could be interested in renting from them. 

When it comes to selling, there are plenty of websites such as eBay or even Facebook, to name a few where you could quite easily sell your items. When it comes to shipping, it is best to select a business that can not only give you the best price on large item shipping but that you know will be reliable and trustworthy such as looking at

Repurposing old clothing

If you do not want to sell your old clothing to others, you can reuse the material. They can quite easily be made into other garments with just the smallest amount of remodeling or sewing (which is good news if you are not good at sewing), or they can be made into totally different household items.

Jumpers, for instance, can make the most beautiful and tactile cushion covers with chunky button fastenings or made into cuddly toys for children, such as teddy bears or bunnies.

When it comes to upcycling clothes, nothing needs to go to waste; every household should have a rag drawer for dusting and polishing.

Upcycling furniture may take a little thought, however, especially if the piece you are looking at needs some care and attention before you can even start to upcycle it. Some furniture lends itself very well to upcycling, an attractive desk could (with the right amount of encouragement and the addition of an old but pretty mirror) become a very desirable dressing table or a very pretty dressing table with its mirror removed could turn into the perfect desk for your home office or study area.

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