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Top Tips to Motivate Your Kids to Learn

Parents play an important part in the success of their child in terms of their education. In fact, research has found that children whose parents are actively involved in their education are more likely to do well, which is probably because children feel more incentivised to try hard if they know their parents are actually bothered. With that in mind, you’re probably wondering how you can help your own youngster.

Motivation from you will need to be an ongoing process throughout your child’s educational journey, not just in small bursts here and there. Here are some helpful tips from an independent college in London.

Top tips to motivate your kids to learn

One-to-One Chats

Try and have one-to-one time with your child each day so that you can ask them about how they got on at school and find out if anything is bothering them. The idea is to show an interest, praise them when they deserve it and also be a shoulder to cry on if your child is struggling in any way. You should also try and be available when your child is doing their homework so that they can ask you for help if they need it.

Set a Good Example

When you’re around your child, try and set a good example and always be positive about learning and education. If your child thinks that you don’t value education then they probably won’t either. When talking about school, try and be enthusiastic and affirmative and always show eagerness to learn new things.

Top tips to motivate your kids to learn

Achieve Goals

Help your child develop and achieve goals, small and large, so that they understand the importance of working hard. They will learn how good it feels to succeed and be motivated to continue trying. Achieving goals will also help your child become more confident which will help them not only in the classroom and but also from a personal perspective.


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