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Top tips to help prepare your child for school

Starting school is a big step for children. They will face many new challenges, such as learning their way around, meeting new teachers and making new friends. This can make some children feel anxious. However, there are many ways that parents can help to prepare their children for this new milestone. To help you get started here is some great advice from Taunton School.

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Visit the school

In order to help your child settle into their new school, it is important to get to know the environment as early as possible. Take your child along to open days and events at the school to help them learn their way around.

Establish your new routine

You should also try to introduce your new school routine to your child a few weeks before they start term. This will help to get them used to earlier bedtimes and earlier mornings.

If you have younger children, it is particularly helpful to practise things like dressing and undressing. This will help to build their confidence for when they need to get ready for PE on their own.

Try to get all of your school uniform supplies as early as possible. The closer it gets to the beginning of term, the harder it is to find! You should also make sure that your children have all the necessary stationery items and that all bags, clothes, and other easily lost items have been clearly labelled with your child’s name.

School term means a lot of new activities and events. To help your family keep on track, it can be useful to create a large family calendar. You can also use this calendar to add homework deadlines and upcoming exams.

Consider a study area

If your child is worried about getting homework at their new school, you could consider making a special space in your home for them to study. Set up a desk area and add storage, new stationary and craft supplies. This will help to make the idea of homework seem more fun and less of a worry.

By preparing for school as early as possible, you will help your children to feel more confident and excited about starting their new school.


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