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Top Tips for Helping Your Child Succeed in School

The support a child receives at home has as much of an impact on a child’s chances for success as their time spent at school. The influence their teacher has can only go so far without continued support at home. As a parent there are many ways you can prepare your child to be willing and enthusiastic learners.

An independent school in Hertfordshire has shared these great tips to help you prepare your children to be successful at school.

Focus on the Journey

Your child is more likely to achieve academic success if they enjoy the process of learning. Education should never feel like a punishment; children who are routinely reminded of their failure when they get things wrong will eventually lose confidence and be more reluctant to try in future.

Allow your child to work within their ability and build knowledge gradually, whilst you praise them for effort and small achievements throughout the process. This will develop your child’s confidence as they approach new academic hurdles, and ensure that they maintain a positive relationship with their school life. Discuss with your child’s teacher any areas in which they seem to be struggling and go over these with your child at their own pace so they feel more competent when they get to class.

Lead by Example

Children learn behaviour from the example set by their parents or guardians. If you demonstrate a passion for learning your children are likely to follow suit. Express your excitement when you learn something new, to demonstrate that education is an ongoing process that doesn’t just take place within the walls of a classroom.

Spend time reading for pleasure and encourage your child to do the same, curl up on the couch together and read together, or designate a reading hour a couple of times a week where you sit together reading your respective books.

You could try to tackle a new skill and have your child assist you. Why not prepare an unfamiliar recipe or try your hand at a new craft. It’s ok if things don’t go perfectly as this will show your child that adults experience failure too, but it’s always possible to try again.

Create a Healthy Lifestyle

Lifestyle has a huge impact on cognitive development. If a child is tired, hungry or over stimulated they will not be able to focus on a task or retain information effectively. Create a routine which promotes a healthy lifestyle for your child, prioritising sleep, exercise and nutritious meals.

It is also advisable to limit screen time as this can impact a child’s ability to concentrate and can disrupt their sleeping pattern, affecting their chances of academic success at school.


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