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Top Picks from the Farm Shop & Deli Show – Post #2

If you’ve seen my first post on the Farm Shop and Deli Show you’ll know that I had a smashing time trying out lots of lovely new food and drink. It was hard to narrow it down, but I’ve put together my top ten finds.

So without further ado here’s my second roundup of my top picks from the day.


Farradays Tasty Relish

As you would expect at a show for Farm Shops and Delis, there was a substantial offering of pickles, chutneys and sauces. One of the stand-out brands for me was Farradays tasty relish. Made in the Lake District, this down-to-earth company offers a small but perfectly honed selection of sauces and olives. My favourite was the Wasabi Mango Mayo, which was sweet but with a gentle punch. It would be really tasty on a fish burger or chicken wrap. The Beetroot, Orange and Ginger Relish was also a really interesting combination that would make a great addition to a cheese board or ploughmans.



I try wherever possible to buy British meat, so I was delighted to discover a range of charcuterie made using British pork. Woodalls offers a range of air-dried hams and salamis, and from the selection I was lucky enough to try, they are delicious. The salamis were delicate yet aromatic, with a peppery punch, and the meat was so tender. Woodalls get even more brownie points from me for using outdoor bred pigs, which not only results in a tastier meat, it is a much more ethical approach to animal welfare.


Birdhouse Tea Company

I’m really more of a coffee drinker, but I can be swayed by a nice cup of artisan tea every now and again. So Birdhouse Teas caught my eye for two reasons, firstly the flavours, and secondly, the blends are incredibly pretty. Strawberry Laces was the one I coveted the most, full of Strawberry Pieces, Kiwi, and other fruits and natural ingredients. Birdhouse Tea Company also sells accessories and chocolate, so it is worth having a look at their lovely website to see what is on offer. 20160418_152756

Soda Folk

Having been to the US a few times, I’ve heard of root beer but I’ve never got round to drinking it. That was until I discovered Soda Folk at the show. I tried the Root Beer, which while initially striking me as medicinal, was oddly addictive. In fact I left the NEC still thinking about it. Ken, the owner, is an American who now lives in the UK and has brought these craft sodas to market. They would be a fantastic alternative to the standard range of fizzy drinks – although they really do need to be seen as a treat, as they are sugary. The brand has got real potential, so I’m sure it won’t be long before we see it popping up across the UK.


Blackacre goose eggs

I’ve had duck eggs before, but I had never even seen a goose egg. While I didn’t get to try it at the show (it’s not really practical to be cracking a load of eggs open on an exhibition stand) I had a very interesting chat with the team at Blackacre. Apparently goose eggs are rich and creamy, and make for a cracking (excuse the pun) boiled egg. Time to get out the big soldiers. At £9.99 for two, these are more a luxury than a regular fridge filler, but I will personally keep an eye out for them and give them a try.

So there you have it, my second post on the show which completes my top ten finds. I loved being able to meet the people behind the brands and find out first-hand about their products and the history of the company.

Have you tried any of these yummy products? Sarah

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