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Top Picks from 2015

Before 2015 becomes too distant in memory, I wanted to share some of my top foodie finds last year. Being a food-lover there is an endless list I could share, but I’ve just picked a few firm favourites that now regularly feature in our fridge.

Seafood and Eat It

Living in landlocked Birmingham, it’s hard to always get hold of great-tasting fresh fish, especially when you’re busy with work so tend to rely on the Seafood 7 Eat Itsupermarket. So I was delighted to discover this super-fresh, flavourful Cornish crab from the folks at Seafood and Eat It. Their white crab is my personal favourite, and its sweet, delicate flavour is fantastic with some buttered crusty bread and a squeeze of lemon. Definitely a winner in our food-loving household (although it’s far too good for the cats to get any!).


It’s not the first time I’ve raved about this brand, and I still love UnearA plate full of scrumminessthed just as much a year on from my first post about their food. Their range of deli-quality meats, olives and more are perfect for treating yourself or showing off your great taste to guests. A bowl of Unearthed Nocellara olives with a cold, crisp glass of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is my idea of bliss. The fact their chorizo is nitrate free is also huge bonus.

Caws Cenarth White Wine and Leek cheese

As a self-proclaimed cheese aficionado, I’m always on the look-out for new and different cheeses to tickle my taste buds. I discovered this cheese at a small food market while I was working for a weekend at Swansea marina and wow, did it deliver. The combination of flavours of white wine and leek was glorious, while the cheese itself was creamy yet firm in texture. My only disappointment is that I didn’t buy more.

Cauldron sausagesYummy cauldron sausage and egg muffin

Who’d have thought veggie sausages could be so yummy? I was very excited to discover these meat-free bangers as I try to have a balanced diet with at least a few veggie meals a week. My favourite way to enjoy these is with a fried egg in a toasted English muffin. Brunch-tastic!


This is a bit of a wild card as it’s not me who enjoys beer, it’s my husband. So it’s a vicarious recommendation! For me though, it’s great to buy locally produced beer and I’m also a big fan of the character of the Purity brand. Plus they named their first beer after their dog, Ubu, which I think is very cute. The company has just celebrated its 10th birthday, and on behalf of beer drinkers, let’s hope it’s got many more years to come.

And there we have my very brief summary of what was a great year of fabulous foodie discoveries! What are your favourite brands?

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