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Top picks for Ride on Toys

Children absolutely love ride on toys. They are fun, engaging, and offer a sense of control and freedom. My daughter always makes a beeline for them whenever we visit places that have a track.

For parents who want to buy one to have at home, there is such a great selection out there. Buying from reputable companies, such as Ride On Toys, is always the best place to start. You can feel assured you are getting quality products, that are tested for safety, and at fair prices too.

To give you a helping hand, I’m sharing my top three picks for ride on toys. These cover a range of interests and budgets.

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Perfect for getting started – Quad Bike 6V

This sit and ride Quad bike is powered by a 6V battery. So it has good oomph but won’t be too powerful for little ones just getting started with ride on toys. Suitable for 3 years and up, it has reverse and forward gears, as well as pedal operation. The price is keen at around £60.

Ideal for role play – Service vehicles and trucks

If your little one loves getting into character, then a service vehicle or truck could be perfect. From a replica fire engine, to a lorry with a trailer, they will have hours of fun on their ‘grown-up’ vehicle. Prices start from just over £150 and go upwards, so there will be something to suit every budget.

For a taste of luxury – Porsche style ride on toys

If you want to offer a little bit of luxury with your child’s ride on toy, then the Porsche style car is perfect. With LED headlights, rear lights and exciting car sounds, it is a great option. It even has a key start and a forward/backward motion. And it is much more affordable than the real thing at just over £100.

Hopefully that has given you a great head start in choosing a ride on toy for your little one. Here’s to many hours of fun 🙂


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