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Three ways to freshen up your hallway

Hallways are the first impression of your home. But as the entrance to your living space, they can take a lot of punishment! Luckily there are some simple updates you can make to freshen up your hallway and give it a new lease of life.

Update your skirting boards

Skirting boards serve a really important purpose of protecting the bottom of the wall. But this means they can be bumped and scuffed over time. If you want to freshen up your space, it could be time to replace them.

New skirting boards, like the ones from Skirting World, can add character to your home. Skirting World has over 100 designs to choose from to suit any home. If you have taller ceilings, common in period homes, then you can explore larger skirting boards.

As well as the points above, skirting boards can add character to the home. Skirting World have a really useful guide to this over on their blog.

Add lighting

In addition to your overhead lighting, add a standing lamp or a table lamp on a console table. This will give a soft, ambient light. It will also allow you to illuminate the hallway in the evening without a bright overhead light.

When combined with a mirror or a picture on the wall, this new soft light will create an impressive focal point.

Bring outdoors in

Using fresh or potted flowers, or a houseplant, will add an air of colour and freshness. Snipping a few blooms from the garden can be a cost effective way of keeping your greenery updated.

If you want to use a reed diffuser or candle in your hall, complement your florals with a light and fresh scent. Anything too heavy could be overpowering when you enter your home.

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