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The Rise of the Staycation: Why Domestic Holidaymaking is Back on Top

The UK is enjoying something of a holiday-based renaissance at the moment, and not necessarily with respect to tourists flocking back after the relative restriction of the coronavirus pandemic. Indeed, post-pandemic impacts, coupled with by-products of our departure from the EU, have seen a marked rise in the popularity of domestic holidays amongst British households.

Indeed, costliness is a large and unavoidable factor in describing what appears to be a national move away from international travel and towards the ‘staycation’ – but there is far, far more to this shift than meets the eye. The UK is one of the best countries in which to staycation, thanks to its deep and rich history, its secret cultures and unspoiled wilds. Here, we’ll explore some of the key reasons that make domestic holidaymaking the ideal modern getaway.

Local Gems, Hidden Treasures

The leading reason for which staycationing is such a fantastic option is, of course, the multitudes contained by the UK. From palaeolithic monuments to mesmerising contemporary structures; from sublime mountain landscapes to thrilling urban hotspots; from the heights of the Three Peaks to the gorges and valleys of the national parks, there is so much to see, and so much for everyone to see too.

Safe Harbour

It is also impossible to talk about the relative rejection of international travel without recognising a key ancillary reason for increased anxiety over travel. International travel can often feel unsafe, whether as a result of not being fully familiar with the language or customs of the land, of feeling particularly conspicuous as a potential target for crime, or even out of concern for rising geopolitical tensions in certain regions.

Against these worries, unlikely as they may be to impact the average holidaymaker, the UK presents as an extremely safe way to spend a holiday. This safety is extended all the further when you consider looking at lodges for sale in a favourite part of the country; you could literally have a home away from home to base your holiday around, guaranteeing a level of comfort and security you otherwise couldn’t on an international trip.

Boutique Retreats

Even if you don’t quite have the budget for a permanent or semi-permanent holiday lodging, you can still enjoy an extremely comfortable holiday – thanks to the explosion of boutique accommodation options across the nation. With the rise of Airbnb, and the separate rise of chic alternatives to traditional provincial hotels, it isn’t hard to find something that suits your style and convenience wherever you decide to travel.

Sustainable Tourism

Finally, another vote for holidaying ‘at home’ comes via the subject of sustainability. As climate change continues to bring disastrous weather and dangerous ocean temperature hikes to the table, it is more important than ever that we reckon with its cause. Aviation is one of the bigger contributors to carbon emissions; simply deciding to stay in the UK would be an incredible move for environmental concerns, to say nothing of the local impacts you can make by pouring tourist money into natural retreats.

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