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The better way to snack with Low Kal

I’ve often shared on my blog my love of snacks. But like many of us I have overdone my indulgences during lockdown! I was therefore very lucky to try out a new way of low calorie snacking, thanks to Low Kal.

Low Kal is exactly what it sounds. A store which only sells low calorie products. You can buy from their extensive range through their online store. It’s a great way to shop for treats but know you won’t get tempted by high-fat, high-calorie options.

I was sent a 7 item mini snack box to try out. Part of the joy of this box is that its content is a surprise. So it’s a great way to try out new snacks and discover things you wouldn’t have thought to buy. The Banana Joes chips are a good example. I never thought I would enjoy hickory bbq banana crisps. But they were amazing! And so much healthier than normal crisps.

The Daisy and Dom chocolate is a big hit. I particularly loved the dark chocolate bar. My husband also reported the Mighty Fine Honeycomb Bar was delicious. I’m a good wife to share this as it looked fantastic!

It costs £7.99 to buy. I think this is a reasonable price as everything was really high quality.

I will definitely use Low Kal again to top up my snack drawer. It is great to know I am making an effort to eat more healthily. They offer lots of great options, both individually and in boxes. I will order another 7 item snack box again sometime though, as I loved trying new products that I wouldn’t normally choose.


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