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Stunning pieces from Nude Jewellery

I’m sure like a lot of us folks who were born in the 80s (politer way of say those of us who are rapidly approaching middle-aged) I used to by a lot of tat jewellery. I had hoardes of cheap necklaces, bracelets and more cluttering up the drawers of my teenage bedroom.

Now I am older and appreciate quality, not quantity, my jewellery collection has fallen in line. I really only have a few key pieces including a necklace that my husband bought for our first Christmas together. I do still love a good range of earrings though. Even when I feel a bit turd popping on a pair of sparklies can give me a real boost.

With a little lady to provide for it’s not very often I get to treat myself. So when I saw Nude Jewellery were looking for reviewers I put my hand straight up! This independent jewellery store sells handmade items and has such an extensive and stunning range.

I was sent a pair of Alto Micro earrings which are just so lovely. These stud hoops are made from silver bubbles and are very dainty and super classy. It sounds a cliche but these definitely work for dressing up or down.

It’s amazing to think these were handmade and I definitely appreciate them more for it. The delicate detail has been lovingly created and I think they would suit everyone. They are £38 which I think is a fair price for an artisan piece of jewellery. The earrings are really good quality so I’m sure they will last me a long time.

If you’re looking to treat yourself to fabulous storage for your new jewellery pieces, then an antique jewellery box would be a great choice. Not only do they look beautiful, they are a perfect way to combine modern with heritage, and they are investment too. I much prefer spending money on items that will last, rather than being part of a throwaway society.

What is really nice about Nude Jewellery is that if you’re buying as a gift the packaging is beautiful. The earrings came in their own case and then presented in a striking silver box. A ribbon with the Nude logo on finished the look. If you are on the hunt for a present this would mean no wrapping, which in my book is always a blessing!

Nude Jewellery also sell a stunning selection of engagement rings. So if you’re in the market for a engagement ring, either for yourself or you’re starting your hunt to pop the question with, Nude Jewellery is a treasure trove of beauties. There is also a range of wedding rings to choose from when you get to the next step!

So next time you are gift shopping be sure to visit Nude Jewellery, and there’s no harm in having a cheeky look for yourself too :o)


The earrings were gifted to me for the purposes of this review. As always, the provision of complimentary products does not influence my views which remain honest and my own.

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