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Stellar Ways to Organise Your Kitchen Cabinets, Drawers & Pantry

My kitchen is really quite small so any advice on organising it are always welcome! I’ve teamed up with Ashley, who knows all about kitchen, cabinets and storage, to share her hints and tips.

Cooking can be a joyful and therapeutic experience, but it can often be chaotic. If you can’t find the ingredients and tools that you need, it can turn a pleasant time into a stressful one. 

If you’re struggling with keeping things in order, it may be time to conduct an organisational overhaul. By purging and sorting, you’ll clear your space and your mind.

Ready to get started? Read on for some stellar ways that you can keep the heart of your home in order. 

Clean Cabinets

The first kitchen storage on the tidiness menu should be your cabinets. Start by taking everything out and sorting the items by how much you use them. 

If you have thirty glasses but only use ten on a daily basis, place the extra cups in a padded box and store them away. Sure, you may need them if you host a dinner party, but they don’t need to be taking up space. 

Keep the items that you regularly use in the front, and those that you use less in the back. You want to prioritise accessibility and get rid of any obstacles in the way. 

Decluttered Drawers

A lot of us are guilty of having a ‘junk drawer’ in the kitchen full of a motley crew of items. While this might be convenient when looking for a home for random things, it can be put to better use.

Decluttering drawers has an impressive impact on the functionality of a kitchen. It’s easier than you may think to tidy them up. Yes, even that junk drawer.  

Like with the cabinets, take out all items and wipe down the inside of the drawer. Next, sort by likeness. As you do this, you may notice that you have too many of the same things. 

Once everything is clean and sorted, rearrange the kitchen drawers by zone. Drawer dividers are extremely helpful at this point. There are various kinds of dividers and organisers made from wood, bamboo, mesh, or clear plastic. 

If you’re feeling extra creative, you can test out DIY dividers. You can make these from any random items you have on hand.

Do you have an excess of delivery boxes? Cut them up, cover them in a nice wrapping paper, and voila! Beautiful and practical organisers!

If that upcycling organisational strategy sounds appealing, you may want to get to know more about sustainable kitchen practices. It’s surprising how easy it is to implement zero-waste in the process of tidying up.

Planned Pantries

A kitchen pantry comes in the clutch when you want to keep the counters free of clutter. If it’s organised well, you always know that what you’re looking for is where it belongs. This will also ensure that you don’t buy things at the market that you already have.

When it comes to sorting your food items, you want to make sure you use clear containers. Mason jars and stacking plastic are great options for storing loose ingredients like flour, rice, beans, and pasta. 

Tall and skinny containers tend to save space. If all of your containers coordinate, your pantry will look much more orderly than the typical chaos of multi-coloured packaging.

Another tip is to make sure that you make use of all of the wasted space in your pantry. In the area between the door frame and the shelf, you can hang narrow cubbies for smaller items like spices. You can also store your coffee makers there, depending on their size. You can find the one that would work for you on this blog here.

Restore Order

When you’ve tackled the three essential elements of your kitchen, the pantry, cabinets, and drawers, the space will feel fresh. The next time you cook, you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for without pressure.

Keep in mind that the key to staying organised is placing things back where they belong. In your new orderly kitchen, every item should have a designated home.

Thank you to Ashley for these helpful tips – happy organising!


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