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So, just what can the sun power?

The sun is not just the largest and most central object in our solar system it is also a major source of heat and power. When outdoors it warms our skin and makes us feel happy. Indoors, we can benefit from the sun, too, when solar panels are fitted to our roof to generate electricity and power our
heating system. This is made possible by companies such as Rockford solar who are experts in installing these solar panels onto rooftops. They allow individuals and businesses to benefit from the power of the sun. We should not just think about the sun when we are on holiday.

How Powerful is the Sun?

The sun is so powerful it has a mass-energy conversion rate of 4.26 million metric tons per second. This power generates the equivalent of 384.5 septillion watts. For some more facts, the sun is a perfect sphere and its large mass represents 88.86 percent of the entire solar system. It travels at 220km per second. It is something we perhaps do not think much about unless we are at school. We rather take it for granted. Now is the time to think about the sun again and see just how it can power everything that we have in our homes or workplaces that requires electricity to run it.

Solar Power in the Home

In an environmentally friendly way, solar panels will produce electricity for the home by converting it from sunlight using the technology of photovoltaic (PV) cells. The electricity produced can be used to power any appliance that is currently within our home. Anything that you plug into an electrical socket is included, such as heating systems, cookers, fridges, washing machines, dishwashers, televisions, computers, chargers, and electrical gadgets that are helping us to keep up to date with the very latest technology available to us. Except that solar panels are not a recent discovery, we just need to get more on board with them as a renewable energy solution.

Other Uses for Solar Energy

Solar energy apart from being used for generating electricity, for a home or business, can dry clothes naturally, take salt away from seawater, and be used by plants during the process of photosynthesis. This process in plants is important to humans as the excess oxygen produced above what the plant needs will help us to breathe. The more trees, the healthier the environment. So, many natural processes make use of the warm and powerful rays of the sun. However, we can turn the sun to our advantage in manufactured ways by making more use of solar panels. By having a company come and fit them and seeing just how they can reduce our household budget. What we cannot necessarily see is how they are helping the environment. There are, however, enough studies that explain how they are. For example, solar panels do not rely on non-renewable energy sources to create electricity. The sun is, after all, always shining during the daytime, so is a renewable energy source to make use of as much as we are able. It is advancing technologies that allow us the opportunity to make more use of the sun.

To summarise, the sun can power things naturally and artificially. It can power everything within our home and, with the addition of more panels, our business or workplace too. The sun’s power should not be underestimated or underutilised. It is for us as a generation to make use of its capabilities so that we are not leaving future generations in a situation where they have few energy alternatives to choose from. Renewable energy sources, fossil fuels such as coal, will not be around forever. It was,
like the universe, created a long time ago, the universe beginning 13.8 billion years ago and coal forming between 300 and 360 million years ago, but through regular use is now depleting to levels that will see it, like oil and gas, run out before long. We now have the opportunity to protect what
we have by embracing solar energy. It is both an environmentally friendly and cost-effective way to heat our home and work situation if we travel to another building to work.

If you’re interested in renewable energy, this is a great guide to your options.

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