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Should I Encourage My Child to Join a Sports Club?

When it comes to extracurricular activities for our children, there’s not really much to fault. Sports clubs, as an example, are a great way to ensure your child is getting plenty of exercise and taking a break from their digital devices. There are many other benefits to sporting activities, as explored below by a pre-prep school in Putney.

Developing skills

Being part of a sports team will help your child develop a variety of key skills. For example, they will learn how to communicate effectively with their teammates in order to achieve a common objective. Strong communication skills will help your child meet new people and build relationships whilst also allowing them to articulate their thoughts and opinions in a confident and coherent manner. This will help them both in school and throughout their personal lives.

If they become extremely good at a sport, they might want to invest in specialist equipment to help improve their skills further. For example golfers use many tools, including golf launch monitors. Here’s a roundup on the web of the best golf launch monitors.

Team work

Working as part of a team is also a fantastic life skill that will contribute to your child’s overall self-esteem. They will receive recognition and praise from their teammates and coach, giving them a well-deserved confidence boost. Teamwork is a recognised skill in most industries so it will more than likely improve your child’s chances of having a successful career when they are older. 

Winning and losing

Playing sport teaches children that life isn’t always fair; sometimes they will win and sometimes they will lose. Regardless of how hard they work, sometimes the game won’t always go to plan. There will be other teams that are both better and worse than them, teaching them to be humble and modest. Essentially, sport will help your child learn how to respond appropriately to disappointment and teach them that the end result isn’t always the be all and end all; it’s the taking part that counts.


Finally, being part of a sports team will allow your child to make lifelong friends with likeminded children that they might not have otherwise met. Socialising is an important aspect of life that we all need from time to time.


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