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Shopping sustainably with LOOLYN

My blog has been one of places I have documented my journey to a more sustainable lifestyle. Like many of us, I have a lot of commitments and always 101 things to do. So sustainability in bitesize pieces is my current approach.

Sustainable shopping with LOOLYN

As part of my commitment to using less plastic, it is brilliant to discover LOOLYN. This online store is an Aladdin’s Cave of eco-friendly, sustainable – and most importantly, useful! – everyday items. The products on LOOLYN have been carefully curated to ensure none of them contain plastic. LOOLYN calls itself a marketplace – allowing eco-conscious shoppers to use the site as a portal to browse from a whole host of sustainably-focused brands.

LOOLYN’s ethos is not trying to preach the ills of all plastic. It is more about taking steps to reduce our overall dependency on it. There are lots of sustainable products to choose from, that replace single use, or non-biodegradable items.

Putting it to the test

To test this out, I have a reusable snack bag from Tabitha Eve. LOOLYN sell a really comprehensive range from this lovely brand. The bag itself is really pretty, and the quality and strength are impressive.

It is perfect for taking snacks out and about with me. Anyone with a toddler knows that the second you get in the car, hunger seems to strike from the back seat! This means I always have nibbles with me. It’s a great size for a sandwich too. I will certainly be making use of it when I am back in the office.

Once your goodies are eaten, the bag is super handy to store wet wipes (or antibacterial hand wipes these days!) until you get home. By the way you can get biodegradable versions of these wipes 🙂

What else can you find?

You can get a plethora of sustainable kitchenware from LOOLYN. You will also find children’s items, gifts, bathroom products. They also sell an amazing range of homewares including cushions and candles (which you can never have enough of).

If you want to hear more from the LOOLYN team, I have a super guest post from co-founder Mary-Lou Fellowes. She shares her top tips for getting children to engage with sustainability from an early age.


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