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Rewards for toddlers from Partituki

I’m sure many parents will understand the need for rewards for toddlers. They come in so handy when you are teaching new skills or rewarding good behaviour.

It can be hard to find decent pocket money type toys though. I don’t like to buy too much that will inevitably end up in landfill after a couple of days. When I was invited to try something out from the Partituki range, I was keen to see what they had to offer for parents.

Partituki is an international brand, that sells products that are great for treats, rewards and children’s parties. For parties, you can buy multiple packs of items such as crayons, skipping ropes, yoyos and more.

I chose the Max Mixed Pack which is a collection of 7 great items. You get:

  • Pack of 7 wax crayons
  • Set of 6 crayons
  • skipping rope
  • Wooden yoyo
  • Colourable drawstring bag
  • Finger spinner
  • Colourable drawstring bag
  • Set of 33 wooden pieces.

For £13.99 I think you get a really good selection of items. I have split them up and used them for several different rewards. The yoyo is the biggest hit, followed by the skipping rope.

I like that the set uses wood rather than plastic. The yoyo and skipping rope handles are both wooden. This is a refreshing change from a lot of children’s pocket money or party bag toys.

Partituki offers a 60-day money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with your purchase. This is something I haven’t really seen offered before by other similar companies.

As a brand they have lots of great options to choose from. I’m sure most parents could use their goodies, and they are a fair price too. I will definitely use their range again when I am planning my daughter’s birthday parties in the future.


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