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Revive Green Tea from Baiji

I’m a huge coffee fan, but I’m always keen to explore ways to reduce my intake. Part of my issue, and one that I’m sure lots of us can identify with, is that I am so often very tired. But too much coffee tends to give me headaches and anxiety, so I have been looking for alternatives.

That’s why Baiji was a welcome discovery for me. Baiji is a lifestyle brand that specialists in products designed to enhance your life. Inspired by Chinese culture, they sell a range of teas that ‘aim to cleanse the negatives and restore balance to your spirit’.

Revive Green Tea

I was particularly taken with their Revive Green Tea. Using high-grade Chinese tea found only in the Yellow Mountain tea region, this Huangshan Maofeng green tea aims to re-energise your spirit and revitalises your senses.

I like that the tea has ginger in too, as this can help to relieve stress and nausea. It also lowers blood pressure which in turn calms and soothes (see my earlier point about anxiety!). The blend also contains mango pieces to add a light and slight sweetness to the too.

When my tea arrived in the post, two things immediately caught my attention. Firstly, the packaging is really lovely. It’s also recyclable and reusable, which fits in with my ethos of taking steps towards a more sustainable living. Secondly, it smells divine. The tea, ginger and mango all work in real harmony to create a wonderfully inviting aroma.

How to brew

Using 1-2 teaspoons of the tea blend, you steep the tea in hot water for 2-3 minutes. While you can add the mix straight a cup, the nature of the tea means some elements may float to the top of your drink. If this isn’t to your taste, an infuser or drawstring mesh teabag will be a better fit for you.

I’ve had mixed experiences with green tea, but this blend is something very special. I can taste the mango and ginger beautifully, which lifts the tea for me and makes it so pleasant to drink. It makes me feel more invigorated and gave me a gentle burst of energy. I also don’t get the anxious feeling I sometimes get with coffee, so it is a good switch for me.

I’ve taken to having a mid-morning cup of Revive tea while I’m working, and it is a welcome boost.

As well as carefully curated selection of specialist teas, Baiji sell tea infusers and reusable mesh teabags. The teas are a fantastic gift idea. At £9.95 it is a fair price, especially for the quality of the ingredients.


I was sent a selection of items for the purposes of this review. As always the provision of free products or services does not influence my views, which remain my own and honest.

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