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Review: Kiss and Bake Up brownies

I have tried several times to make brownies but I’ve never managed to achieve that deliciously squidgy texture that they should have. So when I heard of a business that will deliver brownies to your door, I couldn’t wait to try them out. All of the tastiness with none of the at-home baking and washing up (and, if you’re me, the ultimate disappointment after spending hours in the kitchen just to be left with a pretty standard chocolate cake).

Kiss and Bake Up is a growing business based in Warwickshire that makes and sells gourmet chocolate brownies. You can order online and the little squares of heaven will be delivered to your door, which makes them the ideal gift, or a nice treat for yourself that you can look forward to arriving in the post.

They offer a number of different and inventive flavours such as peanut butter, cherry, Turkish delight and Oreo. You can choose one flavour in either small, which is 15cm x 15cm or large, which is 20cm x 20cm. They can be bought as a whole slab or have them cut up into 9 or 16 squares depending on which size you’ve opted for.

I was lucky enough to receive a mixed box which featured original, mini eggs, Maltester, Rocky Road, Oreo and orange. Mixed sets aren’t offered as standard but once a month they do sell a box of various flavours, which they post on their Facebook page.

Kiss and Bake Up brownies are homemade in Warwickshire and delivered by post to your home.

The brownies arrived in cardboard packaging (great that you can recycle it) with a cute Kiss and Bake Up logo on it. When you open up, the goodies inside are protected in tissue paper, so they are nicely presented if you are sending these as a gift.

Kiss and Bake Up brownies arrive wrapped in tissue paper so they make a lovely gift

Each brownie looked absolutely delicious and I’m happy to report they taste amazing too! The Malteser one was divine (I love Maltesers anyway so it was always going to be a hit with me) and the mini eggs brownie was also a firm favourite. The brownies are squidgy, rich and full of flavour, really chocolatey without being sickly. The ingredients are good quality and you can  tell that a lot of love has gone into making them, rather than some automated process or mass production somewhere.

Kiss and Bake Up brownies are available in lots of different flavours including Oreo. Once a month they are sold in selection boxes, generally you buy a whole slab or 9 or 16 pieces.

Kiss and Bake Up also offer brownies for wedding favours, which is a great idea and would be such a yummy treat for guests. As well as selling online, Kiss and Bake Up have stalls at lots of food festivals and fairs, and farmers markets, so make sure you look out for them!

If you love brownies, or know someone who does, I would definitely recommend you support Kiss and Bake Up in their venture by buying a box or two. And if you don’t like brownies, then try them anyway as I’m sure these delicious treats will change your mind!

You will notice that there aren’t very many pics in the blog post, which is purely because these brownies were so delicious we ended up eating them very quickly and I forgot to snap them before! Annoying for the post but a ringing endorsement :o)

You can follow Kiss and Bake Up on Twitter and order their brownies online.

Let me know if you love brownies!


I was gifted a box of Kiss and Bake Up brownies. I have included links to their website to be helpful to my readers, this was not at the request of Kiss and Bake Up. As always, the provision of free products does not influence my opinions, I really love these brownies and would recommend them to my friends, family and of course my blog readers 🙂

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