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Review: A taste of Popcorn Shed

I am a massive snack fan, which are good for my soul but not necessarily my waistline! So finding tasty but healthy (or healthier than the usual snack suspects) is always a bonus. I’ve tried lots of different gourmet popcorns in my time, with mixed success. I’d seen Popcorn Shed on Ocado, so when there was an offer to review some of their range for my blog, my tummy said absolutely!

Popcorn Shed is a funky brand which prides itself on being made with all natural, quality ingredients, and it’s gluten free. The flavours are really innovative, incorporating nuts, fruit, chocolate and caramel, and not just flavourings but the real deal. They’re sold in small snack bags (24g) which are around 120 calories, or if you’re looking for a bigger pack size (to share, of course) then you can go for the cute shed boxes which are 80g.

Popcorn Shed gourmet popcorn, available in snack bags of 24g

I don’t normally like caramel popcorn as I find it rather artificial tasting. So I was dubious about the sweeter flavours of Popcorn Shed, particularly the Pop ‘N’ Choc and the Pecan Pie. But straight away I could tell these were a cut above your average mass-produced popcorn. The chocolate on the Pop ‘N’ Choc was really good quality, while the Pecan Pie was the perfect blend of creamy caramel and nuttiness.

Also worthy of a special shout out is the Butterly Nuts flavour. If you like peanut butter, you will go nuts (haha) for a bag of this. The popcorn alone is a caramelly delight, but add in the real peanut halves and you’re in for such a treat. I have a bag of these stashed away in my work drawer ready for a pick me up!

I can’t review Popcorn Shed without giving some airtime (or whatever the blogosphere equivalent is) to the seemingly weird Sweet Cheesus. A quirky alternative to the standard sweet and salty combination, this mixes cheddar cheese popcorn with caramel popcorn. At first I thought it tasted as odd as sounded, but after a few mouthfuls it was intriguing, and then enjoyable! I don’t think I’d choose it over the other flavours, but I’m pleased I tried it and I would definitely recommend others to give it a go – you’ll be pleasantly surprised I’m sure.

You can buy Popcorn Shed at a range of stockists including Ocado. You can also shop on their website where you get a 10% discount if you sign up to their newsletter.

Do you like your gourmet popcorn? Have you tried, or would you try, Popcorn Shed?


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