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Perfecting food photography with #TheFoodieBag

Even though I’ve been running my blog for a long time, I still find it hard to take decent food photography. It’s not easy to take the perfect shot, especially when you’re short on time. Which let’s face it, most of us are! My lack of time is why I have recently been exploring copywriting services to help get some blog content out.

To help with the photography, I’m lucky to be the proud owner of #TheFoodieBag from The Cotton Bag Co. I have the lovely Selfie Bag from this brand too, and that has become a firm favourite in my collection of reusable bags.

Their latest addition is a special bag for those who want to improve their food photography. In this 12oz black canvas bag with an internal pocket, mesh divider and zip closure, is a 5 in 1 pop up reflector. You also get 8 postcards with handy photography tips and, my personal favourite, 4 photographic backdrops.

The backdrops are on robust paper and are from Black Velvet Styling. This photographic backdrop Company is the brainchild of stylist Sophie Purser. Black Velvet Styling sells affordable backdrops for aspiring or professional photographers to take beautiful shots.

The backdrops in the bag are stunning. They make a perfect set as they incorporate different colours and textures.

The tips on the postcards are really useful and have given me a lot to think about. They are provided by renowned phone photographer Matt Inwood. I love that they are specifically about using your phone camera. After all, that’s what most of us use these days.

I took these on the backdrops. Not the most inspired, admittedly, but the different backgrounds already make a huge difference to the set up of a shot:

The bags are available to buy for £39.95 incl. P&P. They are a great gift idea for foodies, bloggers and those who love taking beautiful photography.


I was sent a product free of charge for the purposes of this review. As always the provision of free products or services does not influence my views, which remain my own and honest.

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    Tea towels and tablecloths also work well. White fabric tends to work best, but bright colors can work well with some foods. A subtle pattern, such as the vintage floral print shown below, can also look good sometimes.

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