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Low sugar and low carb treats from Deliciously Guilt Free

I sometimes wonder if I am a snackaholic. I love nibbles in between meals, but it can be hard to find treats that aren’t too unhealthy. But I’m forever keen to explore options and expand my repertoire! I was asked if I wanted to try out a range of low sugar and low carb treats from Deliciously Guilt Free. My answer was of course, absolutely.

This range of brownies and more use clean, natural ingredients, and are a wonderful alternative to the high-cal, high sugar snacks we often turn to as a nation.

I went for the mixed box which you can order from their website. If you love cake, but want to opt for low sugar wholesome food, this is a great choice. The mixed box contains classic and popular flavours from Deliciously Guilt Free.

Low sugar and low carb treats

You will get:  

2 x Blueberry and lemon drizzle cake (2g net carbs per cake)

2 x Peanut Butter Brownie  (2.95g net carbs per brownie)

2x  Salted caramel blondie  (1.1g net carbs per blondie)

2x  Chocolate fudge brownie  (1.4g net carbs per brownie)

The taste test

All of the cakes, which are a perfect size by the way, were incredible. My absolute favourite was the blueberry and lemon drizzle cake. It is soft, bursting with flavour, and has a textbook level of lemon to give it a zing. The ground almonds give it a beautiful texture too. The peanut butter brownie was a close second.

I think what is particularly impressive is that you really do feel you’re having a treat. It does not seem like a compromise or that you’re missing out on flavour by choosing these low sugar and low carb treats.

Deliciously Guilt Free is run by Basma and Tom. When Basma was diagnosed with pregnancy diabetes while carrying their first child, they made some life changes. By cutting out sugar and reducing carbs, Basma has been able to control the risk of diabetes that has clouded her even after she giving birth.

Finding very few low carb snacks in the UK, the innovative couple decided to make their own. Their mission is to hand-make sweet treats, using all natural ingredients that are low in sugar and low carb.

The cost of the box is £10.99 which is very fair for the quality of the bakes. The shipping is £4.50 or if want to do a bigger order, postage is free for orders over £35. If you want to do this and keep some back, you can freeze the cakes for up to 2 months.

I am an absolute convert to these low sugar and low carb bakes. I can’t wait to order my next batch!


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