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Kids’ bedroom trends for 2024 

 A new year may mean new home décor for your family and your child’s bedroom could be the best place to start. It’s recommended by experts that bedrooms should be updated every three to four years, so if that time has come for them or they’ve grown out of the current look, it’s time to redecorate.  

Your kid’s bedroom is a place for them to learn, play and have fun, so you must fill it with what they like such as merchandise from their favourite football players like Virgil Van Dijk. However, you may also want to make sure it’s on trend with styles taking the world by storm in 2024. 

If you’re unsure what these trends are, we’re here to help. Our guide will take a look at the kid’s bedroom trends you can expect to see in 2024 and you can apply them to your own child’s bedroom too, ensuring the entire home looks great.  

Focus on sustainability  

Sustainability is a great trend to incorporate into your kid’s bedroom if you update it this year. According to the Office of National Statistics, over 86% of British adults want to make more environmentally-friendly lifestyle changes.  

If you’re one of these people, you can apply this to your child’s bedroom redesign by using eco-conscious materials like bamboo or recycled materials and you can use water-based stains for the walls instead of paints that omit harmful toxins.  

Update the floor with carpet 

Safety and comfort are imperative for any child’s room, which is what carpet can provide. Hard floors can cause injury from slips or falls, so getting rid of them is advised for 2024. When you add carpet, both you and your child can have peace of mind while they play in their bedroom both supervised – or unsupervised if you need to step out for a moment. 

Divide the room into areas  

Dividing the room into separate areas not only looks stylish but can make it a little easier to keep on top of clutter and mess. Try to create a section for playing, one for learning and one for resting, so your child knows exactly where to do each one.  

Raising the bed on a platform can help to differentiate the space from play, so your child can unwind properly before bed. Plus, it adds a stylistic edge that you may not have considered for their room before.   

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