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Inspiring play with Connetix Tiles

I’m always looking for new ways to get my young daughter engaging in STEM. Play is a great way to encourage this interest. Thankfully there are plenty of new toys coming onto the market that help developing minds.

Encouraging open-ended play

For this reason, I’m very excited to have been trying out the new Connetix Tiles. These award-winning magnetic building tiles are designed to inspire young minds and encourage open-ended play. Your little ones can use the vibrant, translucent tiles of differing shapes and sizes to build their very own creations. From towers to rainbows, animals to plants, there is a world of exploration with these tiles.

I have the 62-piece set, which is a great size kit for building tonnes of diffrent shapes and structures. The colours are really bright and eye-catching. I love that the magnets are really strong and steady, reducing the chance of upset with a structure that easily falls!

Cognitive skills

The tiles are designed to not only develop creativity, but also to promote important cognitive skills. These include problem-solving, spatial awareness, and hand-eye coordination. I think toys that are fun, while also supporting growth and development, are a real winner.

The Connetix tiles feel really good quality, which is important to ensure durability. The design details are very well-thought out, such as the smooth edges which are more comfortable for smaller hands. I also like that a storage box and bag are with the set, so you’re able to keep the tiles nice and tidy.

The set comes with a booklet full of ideas to make different objects and structures. It provides great inspiration and shows you can achieve with these fantastic tiles. I noticed that my daughter used the booklet at first to get started, but once she was confident in building she created her own ideas and designs. So the whole concept worked really well for her.

Growing over time

If you want to add more pieces to your Connetix set, you can purchase another set. Choose from another set of 64, or bigger with the 100 piece creative pack. For a smaller boost, you can get the 40 piece expansion pack to build up your collection over time.

The Connetix Tiles UK 62-Piece Set is £65 and is available from I would highly recommend it as a toy for ages 3 and upwards, to encourage STEM play and creativity.


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