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How to tell if your child is happy in school

The beginning of a new term at school can sometimes feel quite daunting for children after they’ve had time off, such as the summer or Christmas holidays. They might not have seen their friends over the break and their routine tends to fall a little out of place. A private school in Hertfordshire have put together some information to help parents understand if their children are happy at school.

Changes in behaviour

It’s helpful to observe your child’s attitude and behaviour, and you probably do this naturally anyway. If you notice that they’re spending more time alone and less time with the rest of the family or their friends, then they might be upset or worried about something.  The silent treatment or even a subtle change in behaviour can indicate something is up, so be sure to have a conversation with your youngster and make sure everything is ok.

Ask open questions

Don’t always dismiss heightened emotions or temper tantrums as teenage hormones straight away as it could be something more serious. Obviously, the easiest way to find out if something is bothering your child is to talk to them but they might not always be forthcoming with their explanations. Sometimes this is because they are worried you will judge them or tell them off. Try and ask open ended questions to encourage your child to give you more than one word answers.

Speak to their teachers

You should try and develop a relationship with the teachers at your child’s school and check in with them from time to time to see how your son or daughter is getting on. If your child has had a row with another student, the teacher is likely to know and will be able to help you understand how you can help. The same goes for if your child is struggling in class. Meeting up with the teacher will allow you to get to the bottom of any issues your child is having and you can resolve it together.


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