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How to raise a science lover

Some parents can feel slightly nervous when it comes to helping their children with science, especially those who don’t excel in the subject themselves. In fact, you might just be wondering how to encourage your child to find an interest in science to begin with, let alone how to help them do well in it. An independent school in Hampshire has the following advice.

There are numerous career options in science-related industries. So there’s no wonder that many parents are eager to foster a love of this subject within their children from a young age. But how can this be done? First of all, you should try and make science something that is talked about regularly within your home. The more often your child hears about it when they’re little, the more interested they will likely as they grow up.

You should also always encourage your youngsters to ask lots of questions about the world around them and things that make them curious.

Mealtimes provide a fantastic opportunity for your family to join together and chat about any science related topics that you might have heard of, read about, or learnt in school. For instance, you may have read something online about a new medical breakthrough or severe upcoming weather conditions that you can mention during dinner. Discussions like this will help science become just a normal part of life for your children and show them how it can impact various areas of life. 

As well as talking about science, you should also try and engage in science-related activities with your kids, especially when they’re little. These could be experiments with some of the useless items you have in your kitchen cupboards, like food colouring or bicarbonate of soda. If that’s too messy, even just watching a documentary or a film can help your child learn new and interesting facts.

If you’re struggling, don’t be afraid to contact your child’s teachers for some additional information about the school curriculum and what’s usually involved in science lessons. This will help you feel a little more in control and might inspire you with some new ideas of how you can help your child at home.

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