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How to Make Homework More Fun for Your Kids

Getting your child to complete their homework can be quite the challenge for parents sometimes. Unfortunately, after a day at school, children just aren’t interested in continuing with work once they get home. However, if parents can find a way to make homework a little more entertaining, it might become easier to encourage kids to complete it. This is easier said than done, but an independent girls’ school in Surrey has put together the following tips to help.

Think about what motivates and interests your child and use it as a way to entice them to do their homework. For instance, if they love playing video games, you could incorporate a star chart and reward your child each time they complete their homework. Once they have hit their target number of stars, you could buy them a new video game.

Another option is to allow your child to have a study buddy by inviting a friend round after school. Once they have finished their homework together, you could consider taking them out for an ice-cream or letting them have some other type of treat.

More often than not, children don’t want to do their homework because they don’t want to miss out on anything. However, if they know that their friend is right their next to them, also doing homework, they won’t feel so left out.

Obviously, inviting a friend round every single day isn’t always an option, so you could consider being your child’s study buddy. It will be really beneficial for them to know that you have an interest in their learning and will be far more enjoyable for them than sitting alone.

There are lots of apps, games, and other resources online that you can look into to help make learning more fun for your child. It’s hard work trying to pry our kids away from their technology, so using it to our advantage by making it a learning experience will benefit everyone.

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