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How to make an easy Christmas dinner

When it comes to cooking Christmas dinner, spending hours toiling away does not sound appealing to me. Personally, I would rather be enjoying as much time as possible with my family. Much preferable than being shut away in the kitchen peeling, chopping, stirring, glazing, and so on. So here’s my guide on how to make an easy Christmas dinner! 

Help is at hand from these amazing companies and products. They ultimately take the stress away from you and let you enjoy the day without all of the fuss. Yes, I’m sure there will be people who want to cook completely from scratch and that is of course absolutely fine. I’m just here to offer advice for those who feel the same as me.

How to make an easy Christmas dinner

How to make an easy Christmas dinner
Order your meat for delivery from Pipers Farm 

Pipers Farm is a 50-acre family farm in Devon.  Committed to sustainability, Pipers Farm produces slow-reared, properly free range and grass-fed meat, which all adds up to mean yummy! They’ll be delivering until Saturday 22 December. This means the last chance to order is before midday on Friday 21 December. They sell turkey, but if you’re like me and not fond of the big bird, you can opt for beef, pork or even game.

Ready to roast tatties and veggies from Mash Direct

Mash Direct offer a fantastic array of ready to roast potatoes and vegetables. Just pop in the oven and you are away! Their roast potatoes are so full of flavour. I’m also in awe of how they get their red cabbage and beetroot so unbelievably tasty. The honey roast parsnips cook beautifully too, and would be a delicious addition to any Christmas meal. I buy my Mash Direct products from Ocado, and I know Morrisons stock the range as well. There’s a helpful where to buy section on the Mash Direct website too.

Finishing touches from Ross & Ross

Ross & Ross are a fabulous Cotswold-based brand selling food gifts. They’ve recently added oils, salts and rubs for roasts and bbqs. So an easy way to pep up your roast this Christmas is with their Roast Dinner dust. This umami seasoning is fab with meat and vegetables, in your gravy. They recommend you add it to yorkshire pudding mix. I’ve also tried the brussel sprout dust which gives the good old sprout a new lease of life.

Stuffing made simple thanks to Steenbergs

I love Steenbergs as their herbs and spices always provide the most amazing flavours. Their stuffing range is no exception, and it is so easy to make (you can make it in the microwave). My favourite is the apple and onion stuffing, but they have four options in the range including classic sage and onion.

Order it all from Noble House Prepared

If you are looking for the ultimate stress free Christmas dinner, or you want to treat yourself to prepared fine dining, Noble House Prepared is for you. This restaurant quality festive fayre, essentially ‘Christmas in a Box’ is delivered to your door. You can cook the entire meal in under an hour. The Turkey Christmas Dinner package includes turkey, potatoes, vegetables and even gravy.

Starters and desserts the Italian way from Nife is Life

There are of course tonnes of starter and dessert choices to buy in the supermarket. This year if you wanted something a bit more special and a break with tradition, I would recommend Nife is Life. It’s an online Italian deli that delivers an array of delicious products sourced from our European neighbours to your door (no more battling the queues, hurrah!). As well as cured meats, pickles and mozzarella to make a fab platter to start your meal, their range of puds is heavenly. Nutella tiramisu anyone? And FYI, their pandoro cake is truly amazing. 

Hangover free wine from Belvoir

Any parent who’s had too much to drink and then had to deal with the 6am alarm call of a wide-awake toddler will know how painful it is. That’s why this year I’m ditching the booze for Christmas dinner. I’m opting for this alcohol -free, yet equally delicious, soft alternative from Belvoir. Choose from Shiraz, Chardonnay and Rosé. Glug away with no fear of what the next day will bring! You can buy on Ocado for £2.99.

Stylish table decor through your letterbox from Bloom & Wild

Skip the elaborate table dressing and add an easy yet fabulous festive touch with a tiny tree from Bloom & Wild. Delivered through your letterbox it arrives dressed with a bell garland and baubles, shaped like xmas puds and crackers. It’s even ready to go in its own pop-up pot. As an added bonus you can plant it in the garden after Christmas to enjoy for years to come. 

So that’s my ultimate guide to making sure you have more time for you and for family this year, and less in the kitchen. You can thank me on Boxing Day :o)

Have a fantastic festive day!


The companies included in this post were approached by myself for inclusion. Some provided products to try as well as images. As always, the provision of free products does not guarantee a positive response, and all thoughts included are my honest opinions. Links have been provided to be helpful, they are not affiliate links and not part of any agreement with the companies included in this post.

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