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How to Boost Your Child’s Imagination

Imagination is important for children to explore as it helps them to think creatively and develop their own innovative ideas. There’s no such thing as being born unimaginative as it’s something anyone can build. The first few years of life are thought to be the prime time to do this as the experiences that we have when we’re young significantly enhance our creativity. We have teamed up with a private school in Edgbaston to share guidance on how to boost your child’s imagination.

Open Ended Materials

Open ended play materials like lego bricks give children the freedom and flexibility to create whatever they like. It’s all up to them and the ideas that they themselves come up with.

Read Books

Books offer a range of perspectives which can broaden a child’s world view and way of looking at things. They also educate and teach them about life which helps them to form richer ideas.

Show Your Creative Side

Children look up to the adults around them. By demonstrating your creativity, you can encourage your little one to do the same. 

Stimulate Their Senses

Random stimuli can inspire creativity and imagination. It does this by re-energising the imagination which is why you should explore the unusual and seek to experience new things.

Arts and Crafts

Crafting is fun and involves open ended materials. They can experiment with many things like shape, colour, and texture. As your child makes their own unique creations, they can build their fine motor skills too. These are the essential skills needed to use the small muscles of the body and coordinate movements like pinching, gripping, and holding.


Puzzles test the brain and again, encourage creative thinking. They’ll need to consider different perspectives and think of different ways of attacking their problems.


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