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How to add some springtime joy into your home

With spring in the air, it’s a great time to refresh your home. Lighter days and evenings, glimmers of sunshine and bursts of colours in the garden can be very motivating and give you the energy needed to redecorate and clean up. Here are some great ideas on how to bring joy into your favourite spaces and brighten up your home.

Choose statement pieces

Trying something new and bold can be really uplifting. Décor such as a brightly colour clock, or a new piece of artwork, can liven up a space. Another lovely idea is a Black Forest cuckoo clock, which never goes out of style and is a great way to spread some happiness. Cuckoo clocks certainly make a statement and are a fun addition to your home. They’re a great talking point amongst family and guests too. Especially when the clock hits the hour and the cuckoo makes an appearance. 

If you like the idea of updating your interiors with a fun cuckoo clock, check out my competition to win your very own. You can enter at the end of this post!

Tackle those little jobs

It’s very easy to ignore small repairs or decorating jobs that need doing. But it’s surprising how much difference tackling some of those minor details can be. Filling dents and cracks in your wall will look much better, while stains in carpets can often be scrubbed out and flooring can be re-adhered if it is coming up.

Don’t underestimate how much a spring clean can liven up your home! Washing curtains and duvets, cleaning windows, lawn work – these are all jobs that shouldn’t be too taxing, but have most likely been put off. It will give you a huge sense of satisfaction when they are complete. At the very least, have a quick tidy up around your outdoor spaces.

Introduce fragrance

Home fragrance can be very uplifting and can sometimes even improve your mood. Light and fresh scents are a great addition to a home. They won’t be overpowering or compete with natural fragrances such as freshly cut grass or flowers. Scented candles or reed diffusers will give you a burst of fragrance, or a lavender bag can introduce a lovely aroma too.

Something you may not have thought of is an incense smoker. These cute figurines use incense cones in the bottom and bring a lovely smell around the home.


It’s funny that we don’t know a room needs painting until it has been done. That’s when we can see the difference! If you feel a room needs freshening up, try not to put it off. Painting can feel intimidating. Yet with so many expert paints on the market now and tonnes of guides on the internet, there’s never been a more supportive time to tackle some DIY.

Competition Time

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If you’re not the lucky winner, you can find a wide range of cuckoo clocks from to brighten up your home. From traditional to modern colourful clocks, they have something to fit everyone’s budget. Bring joy to the entire family with your very own cuckoo clock.


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