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How Do Lifestyle Choices Affect a Child’s Education?

As an adult, we are aware that we need plenty of sleep each night in order to perform efficiently at work. You’ll also know that eating lots of sugary snacks throughout the day make it hard for you to sit still at your desk and concentrate on tasks for long periods of time. Well, the same applies to children. They need to make sensible lifestyle choices in order to perform well in school.

I have teamed up with a private school near Gerrards Cross to offer you some further information on how lifestyle choices can impact a child’s learning potential.

Sleep is key

A child’s home, family and day-to-day life have a strong influence on their ability to absorb information during lessons. For instance, if they don’t get enough sleep (around eight hours per night), they will be lethargic during school the next day and unable to focus. With that said, try and make sure your child sticks to a regular bedtime each night. You may also want to set a rule in place that they must switch off their digital devices at least an hour before bedtime so that they have plenty of time to wind down.


Exercise is also important. It allows children to feel more alert and motivated to learn. It also releases endorphins in the body that allow us to de-stress, which is great for children who might be struggling with certain aspects of their education. If you don’t think your child is getting enough exercise as a natural part of their daily life, perhaps you could suggest that they join some sort of extracurricular club, like a football team or a drama class. This will allow them to move around and stretch during the week, rather than being confined to the sofa each day after school.


What they eat will have an impact on their ability to learn as well. Foods high in sugar lead to a subsequent “crash”, so make sure that your child it’s a healthy, nutritious breakfast and limits sugary snacks. You should also make sure they stay hydrated by encouraging them to drink plenty of water; you could even send them to school with a water bottle that they can fill up throughout the day. This will help them concentrate in lessons.


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