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How Can Chores Help a Child with their Overall Development?

Children often complain about having to pick up chores, but they are actually very beneficial for them to pick up. Here are some key benefits to your child’s development with this advice put together by this junior school in London.

It gives them a sense of independence

One of the big reasons that children should be given chores is so that they’re prepared for when they’re adults and are able to pick up these tasks by themselves. It makes them understand how to handle responsibilities and what to do when their parents need an extra helping hand around the home. They’re also able to understand what their parents exactly do around the home and how much work they do to make the home a nice place to be.

It teaches them new skills

Children are able to develop skills such as teamwork, time management and being able to work under pressure. These and more are key skills for children to learn as they grow older and pick up more chores. It can then show them some of the tasks they may end up doing in their first jobs.

They’re practicing their sensory skills

Picking up a few chores here and there will give your child the chance to practice their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and sensory skills. These are all key ways a child develops as they age and will be able to help you with different tasks when they’re of an appropriate age.

They’ll learn about receiving rewards for hard work

Hard work doesn’t always come with a reward, but it can motivate your children to see how their chores help make the home clean and welcoming again. It’s not just about the chocolate bar your kids may get, but showing them how filling up the dishwasher or helping to vacuum clean the carpet makes the home just that more clean and inviting.


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