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Fun Activities You Can Do With Your Kids at Home

Going outside isn’t the only means to have your kids amused while at home. Children learn through playing as well. Active activities keep them on their toes and can be mind openers. However, it’s okay sometimes to feel stuck with no fun activities to do with them. So, if you’re on the hunt for ideas for household-based activities, this article is here to help with that. The below list includes active games and laid-back activities for you to try.

Play Hide and Seek

Depending on how big your backyard is, this can be an exciting activity for kids of all ages. They get to run and explore within your household. You can also include hiding places inside the house which makes it more challenging and exciting.

But you have to set some rules to avoid injuries or the smaller kids getting lost in the hideouts. Also, for kids with limitations, say sight issues that might hinder them from enjoying the game, you can acquire high quality and low prices glasses, so they’re not left out.

Go Bike Riding

Biking together as a family enhances your bond. You should start riding within your neighborhood, local parks, or quiet parking lots. That way, you can avoid any accidents, and your kids can get used to biking outside your compound. So, once they’re comfortable on the bike, you can now take local routes and even quiet streets.

While starting, one parent needs to lead the way, then the children in the center and the other parent in the rear. To make it even more entertaining, you can collaborate with another family and make it a group activity.

Host Dance Classes

To keep the kids engaged and creative, consider holding themed kids dancing classes. Dancing doesn’t require a minimum age; your kids should start practicing their dancing skills soon. Dancing enhances both physical and artistic development, and there are dancing studios that take kids as young as 18 months.

Plus, this is an activity where you get to have fun together at no cost. 

Measuring Game

Kids love rulers and measuring tapes; therefore, you can make use of them. Before starting the game, try giving them length ideas by measuring tools so that they’re aware of what a certain length looks like. Then you can have them measure their heights, furniture and the floor.

For an outdoor version of the game, throw a snowball some distance away and have the kids guess its length. Then let them measure using a measuring tape to determine the actual size of the snowball and see if they made a correct guess.

Play Monopoly

Monopoly is a classic family board game that enhances family bonding and is a time killer. Any member of the family, from grandparents to parents to kids, can participate in this game. The best part is, it’s easy to play.

Here are some tips on how to dominate the game, which will definitely make your family members annoyed with you. 

Shape Hunt

Kids love an awesome scavenger hunt. To make the activity more exciting, you can have the kids search for items of certain shapes. Once they collect all the items, you can have them trace items by color and place them together. If these items or objects are something you can’t move, like a wall or clock, let the kid take a photo of the object.

To involve the youngest, you should let them collect items with simpler shapes like circle, square, rectangle, and triangle. But for older kids, challenge them to search for items with shapes like oval, parallelograms, rhombuses, or scalene triangles. 

Kids Gym

If you want an activity where kids get to release some energy, this is it. Start by transforming your living area into a children’s gym and have some exciting, age-fitting posts. For example, place a path of paper sheets on the floor and have the children walk over without supporting themselves. For older kids, they could do star jumping on the spot.

You can use a soft mattress or carpet and have the kids do somersaults – guide them to avoid neck injury. In addition, any other gymnastic exercise that involves their body weight is excellent to incorporate.


While it might seem like the only way to have fun with your kids is by going to places or spending lots of money, the above activities are fun yet cost very little to nothing. And they are an amazing way to pass the time with your children away from technology. 

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