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Feeding and Weaning Wish List

Anyone who knows me well will probably know that I like to forward plan. So with the birth our first baby fast approaching next year, I’m already way ahead of myself and thinking about feeding and even onto weaning. I know it’s barmy but cross a big planner with a food blogger and that’s the result!

As part of my thinking ahead, I’ve been deciding what to put on my Christmas list to help me on my way as I move into motherhood. My plan is to combination feed so my hubby can help out and be part of the feeding process too. These are my top five picks that I’m hoping Santa brings me this year.



Whenever people talk about breastfeeding pillows, Boppy is the one that I think has the best reputation. I’ve seen different brands when I’ve been baby shopping and this is definitely the make for me; I think the pillow is the sturdiest and will therefore offer the best support for Little Miss. I also love that it can be used for tummy time and then helping the baby to sit up. As a bit of a thrifty spender I’m always keen to invest in anything that offers more than one purpose and has longevity.

NUK Luna electric breast pump


As I’m planning to combination feed a breast pump is going to be essential. I’ve done lots of research and decided to go for an electric pump, and NUK Luna electric breast pump has excellent reviews and I know it has won parenting awards. There are two settings so I can choose to alter the pumping action, and reviews say it is easy to use and comfortable. So onto the Christmas list it goes!

Vertbaudet nursing tops

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I hadn’t heard of Vertbaudet until I got my Emma’s Diary pack and there was a small Vertbaudet catalogue enclosed. I couldn’t resist a flick through, mainly because of the super cute baby grows on the front page, and I was really taken with a couple of their nursing tops. I like that tops can be used for maternity wear and then nursing. As well as being practical they are super stylish, which is a great combination. The range of colours and styles is also impressive. For me, my favourites that will be on my list are the two adaptable maternity and nursing tops in the photographs – one in marine blue and one in grey marl. Just lovely!

Chicco Polly ProgressThis product looks amazing! It’s a highchair that lasts form 0 months up to 3 years as it converts from a baby recliner to a booster seat, with the different stages in between. It seems a very sensible option as it’s just one product that will last for 3 years. And you don’t have to worry about regularly upgrading your recliner to a highchair and then a booster seat when they get older – it’s all here for you! The fabric is bright and vibrant as well which for me is a selling point as I want lots of different colours and patterns , but I know this is a personal choice.

Ella’s Kitchen First Foods book

the-first-foods-book 30-12-14-first-foods-contents

Now this definitely is getting ahead of myself as I’ve obviously got ages before I need to think about weaning. However, as I said I like to forward plan, plus I love reading recipe books (even if it is for baby food!). Ella’s Kitchen is another brand that seems to be a firm parenting favourite, and from what I’ve seen of their First Foods book I’m sure it will become a favourite of ours too. I like that their website is packed with advice and information as well, as a new parent to be I need all the help I can get!

I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that Santa brings me these lovely pressies! What’s on your Christmas list?

If you’re also thinking about sleeping arrangements for your newborn, this post on the Mokee Wool Nest is worth a read. 

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