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Exploring dental probiotics with Luvbiotics

When you’re pregnant, and often long after you give birth, there are some unexpected side effects. Did you know your hair stops falling out when you’re pregnant? Then loads of it comes out after you give birth! It’s weird, but true.

Lots of mums, myself included, have real issues with their teeth and gums when pregnant. Mine would bleed even with gentle brushing. And they have never quite returned to tip top health soon.

As well as visiting the dentist regularly, a simple way to improve your oral health is dental probiotics. They rebalance the oral microbiome so that good bacteria outnumber the bad ones, keeping breath fresher and teeth and gums healthy.  With their amazing anti-inflammatory properties, they help to reduce bleeding from the gums.

Luvbiotics range

Sounds great, doesn’t it? I’ve been lucky enough to try out the unique pioneering probiotic dental care range from Luvbiotics. Their products help to balance your delicate oral microbiome for a happier, healthier mouth.

Luvbiotics uses kinder ingredients that leaves a balance of bacteria, rather than eliminating it all. This is what foaming agents and alcohol in mouthwashes do.

The taste is still really pleasant; minty and refreshing but without that overly chemically taste you can sometimes get. The range is expansive, with toothpaste, whitening toothpaste, mouthwash and lozenges. The products use bionet technology – probiotics and xylitol with natural ingredients to promote good bacteria and balance oral flora.

The cost is a bit more than your average brand, but the benefits are well-worth it. The toothpaste is around £11 while the mouthwash is £10. Since using the range, my gum health has definitely improved and any bleeding is now minimal, if at all.

Safe for use in pregnancy

I’m really happy to have found Luvbiotics as I have really struggled with my gums since being pregnant. Like I say they have never gone back to normal. Luvbiotics is safe to use in pregnancy too, so I would definitely recommend it to help protect your teeth and gums when you are carrying.

If you’re interested in buying the Luvbiotics range, they are all sold on Amazon. I’ve popped the links below for ease:

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I received a selection of gifted items for the purpose of this review. As always, the provision of gifted products does not affect my views which remain honest and reflect my own thoughts.

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