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Estarer Baby Changing Backpack

Now P is two, we’ve been using the pushchair less and less. This is great as it means we can go out for a day without having to worry about taking it, but I really do miss having the convenience of the storage basket!

You still need a lot of stuff to go out even for a few hours with a toddler. Yes you need less nappies and changing equipment, but this has been replaced by food, snacks, water, toys, books and other toddler-related paraphernalia. It was getting quite hard to carry a large changing bag on one shoulder while chasing after my quicker-than-you’d-imagine toddler, or having to carry her when she decides she’s had enough walking.

I’d decided to swap to a backpack style changing bag after seeing a friend using one and thinking it would make life easier. Out of the blue I was contacted by Estarer to see if I would review their offering, and as I’d been planning to get one anyway I jumped at the chance.

One feature I instantly liked about the Estarer baby changing backpack is its plain and simple design. As my husband and I both work part-time to manage childcare, it was great to have something that either one of us would be happy taking out and about. I ordered the bag from Amazon and it arrived within a few days.

The first thing I noticed is the bag is absolutely loaded with pockets. When you think there couldn’t possibly be another pocket, you find one! The main compartment has a double zip so you can open it easily from the top to reach in for something, or open it fully if you want to load it up or need a good root around. There’s a large mesh pocket at the back which is ideal for wet items. I also love the keep cold pouches at the front – great for milk, or drinks, or anything else that needs to be kept chilled.

There’s a really clever zip pocket on the side where you keep wet wipes – the genius part is that a hole in the fabric allows you to pull the wipe straight out without having to take out the pack. Well done to whoever invented that idea, they’re either a parent or someone who understands the need for easy (and frequent) access to wet wipes!

The bag has been out with us several times now and it has proved to be durable and tough-wearing. Changing bags can get a lot of punishment so this is definitely a strong attribute. It also comes with a machine washable changing mat, so that gets a thumbs up too, as does its wipe clean lining.

Comfort is also a really important factor, and the padded straps and back of the bag mean it is easy to wear, even for quite long periods of time. We recently went on a little UK break and I used this bag a lot for days out, going off for walks and generally carting everything about that you need as a parent. I didn’t struggle with any backache or pain from it, which I did find was a bit of a hazard when I was carrying a large bag on one shoulder.

The bag is £32.99 which I think is a good price for the amount of use it will get. If you’re looking for a backpack baby changing bag, I really recommend you take a look at this one from Estarer, as it is really meeting our needs.

If you do a lot of travelling with your little one, here’s a helpful guide to toddler food on the move.


I was gifted the Estarer Baby Changing Backpack. I have included links to the product on Amazon to be helpful to my readers, this was not at the request of Estarer. As always, the provision of free products does not influence my opinions, I really do like this bag and I enjoy using it!

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