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Cooking with your children with Not Just Nibbles

I love cooking (and eating!) so it is no surprise it is one of my favourite activities with my daughter. She really enjoys food prep. And she loves the taste testing too (especially when it is cake mixture, haha!).

It can hard to think of things to cook that are not sweet though. Cakes are just so easy aren’t they! In my 37 years I have never tackled bread making. So a recipe box from Not Just Nibbles is a perfect place to start.

Not Just Nibbles is the creation of fellow mum Danielle. The purpose of the recipe boxes is to get children involved in the cooking process. This will in turn promote a healthy relationship with food. I am completely on board with this. Our little miss is much happier to try new things if she has helped to prepare them, or has some input into what is on her plate.

They say: “Family is at the heart of our company and our mission is to bring everyone together to create special memories with the little chef in their life. We feed kids a huge dose of education and good food, sprinkled with a little imagination and a big dash of fun.”

I received the June box to try out for review. Each month is themed and June was Greece. Perfect for me as I love mediterranean food. And little miss is a massive carb fiend so pitta bread was always going to be a hit!

The box is a joy to look at from the moment it lands on your doorstep (it fits through the letterbox btw, bonus point!). It features beautiful designs and the content is just as lovely. There is a personalised letter which is a nice touch. As well as the dry ingredients you receive the recipe guide and lots of activities and games. You can see the love that has gone into each box.

The recipe for the pittas was super easy to follow. Toddles and I both loved getting involved. And the finished result was so tasty! We made the tzatziki too, although I dulled it down a bit as I didn’t have all of the fresh ingredients.

We have the kebabs to make for another day, purely because of attention span! So for us we will get several activity sessions out of the box. With prices starting at £10.99 the kits are really great value and would easily fill several hours if you competed all of the activities.

We had so much fun and it took the pressure off having to make sure we had everything we needed. The lovely Danielle had done the hard work for us 🙂

If you want to explore new recipes as a family, Not Just Nibbles is a great place to start. The kits provide fun, learning experiences and tasty results!


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