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Co-education vs single sex education

Parents choose to send their children to mixed schools and single-sex schools for many different reasons. Some parents feel that there are fewer distractions at a single-sex school, while others believe that a co-educational school is better for their child’s personal development and social skills. For many the decision is based purely on the location of the school or the attractive facilities.

If you are trying to decide which type of school is right for your child, here are some interesting points to consider from Parsons Green Prep School.

Research shows advantages

There are many negative opinions associated with single-sex schools. Lots of people feel that they are outdated and believe they can have a detrimental impact on a child’s development by limiting their contact with the opposite sex.  However, there are many advantages to a single-sex environment and socialising with the opposite gender is always possible outside of the classroom or with a partner school.

If you look into the figures, research does suggest that students of gender-specific schools typically achieve better grades on standardised tests. Many believe that these better grades are due to the fact that students feel more comfortable and confident in their learning environment and are able to join in discussions more freely during lessons.

Mutual understanding

However, Co-education allows both the genders to mix with each other and develop a mutual understanding and respect. With both male and female students participating in class activities together, they are able to learn the value of equality and appreciate diversity. This will help students to adapt well in many different environments when they are older.

Every child is different

Whether or not a single-sex or co-educational school is the right choice for your child will depend on their individual preferences. Be sure to involve them in the decision making and visit lots of schools to find out where they feel happiest.


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