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Christmas Gift Guide for Foodies

I’m well aware that Christmas is fast approaching and even though I haven’t bought, prepped, or planned a thing, I still wanted to put together some Christmas gift guides. Being a food blogger, I naturally started with a gift guide for foodie fans, but this year as I’m now a mum I’ve also put together a separate toys gift guide.

If you’re anything like me, and are yet to think about presents let alone buy them, then perhaps my suggestions for gifts for foodies will give you a helping hand. They might even provide inspiration for what you’d like on your own list this Christmas.

Without further ado…

Brr Ice tray – Black and Blum – £10


When the clock strikes Gin and Tonic o’clock, it’s always handy to have a supply of ice ready to go. Freezer bags and trays can be a bit of pain to use, so why not opt for something easier and more fun! The Brr ice tray is easy to fill, load into the freezer and decant individual cubes of ice. Fill up the bear until the water escapes from his back, then pop him into the freezer on his feet. No more worrying about spilling the water or struggling to just get one cube or two rather than the whole tray.

Sandwich box – Black and Blum – £31.95

Black-Blum_Box Appetit_Steel_Sandwich box_Ocean

While this is a bit pricey for a sandwich box, it is pretty special. The antibacterial bamboo lid doubles as a chopping board so you can prepare your lunch on the go. The sandwich box is a good size which holds different size sarnies including bagels and rolls.

Ombre mugs – Root 7 – £9


You can’t go wrong with a good mug, especially ones as pretty as these from Root 7. There are three vibrant colours available to brighten up any kitchen. My particular favourite is this totally tropical Flamingo colour, which would be a lovely ray of sunshine on those grey winter mornings.

Coffee canister – Coffee Gator- £30

Silver Cannister 2

Coffee has made such a resurgence over the last few years; we must all know someone who takes their coffee drinking seriously. For those who always have a fresh supply of coffee beans, storage is important. The stainless-steel coffee canister from coffee aficionados Coffee Gator offers the perfect solution – stylish and practical. The one-way valve protects the coffee beans from the air, which would oxidise them and impedes the flavour.

Any sharp pro – Aydya – £17.49


Blunt knives can be a real hindrance when it comes to kitchen prep. This handy gadget from Aydya, the Any Sharp Pro, rejuvenates knives hands free, which makes its very safe. Just give the knife a few light strokes through the Any Sharp Pro and the knife will be super sharp again. It’s also surprisingly compact, so can be kept out of sight in a kitchen drawer or cupboard until needed.

Ion8 Slim – Aydya – £9.99


As a new mum who likes to get out and about when I can, having a supply of water with me is important, particularly when I’m out with my daughter in the pushchair which is good exercise! For those on your gift list who are on the go, and would benefit from ready access to water, this water bottle from Ion8 is the one to plump for. This slim bottle is perfect for carrying with you, with extra grip for when you’re multitasking (for me this means pushing the pushchair one handed whilst drinking!). It’s comfortable and doesn’t drip like some water bottles. In addition, it’s BPA free.

8 bit chopping boards – The Fowndry – £19.99

Hi Res 8-Bit Chopping Boards

As a big gamer, and a foodie, how could I not include these chopping boards which combine my two loves? For those who love to game and cook (obviously not simultaneously), look no further than these 8 bit chopping boards from the Fowndry. Inspired by the Nintendo’s iconic cartridge, control and game boy, these fun and funky chopping boards are crafted from laser-etched bamboo.

I hope these have provided some inspiration and food for thought (ahem). Happy shopping and merry Christmas!Sarah

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