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Choosing sustainable tech with giffgaff

I share a lot on my blog about small steps we can make to live more sustainably. I hadn’t really considered choosing sustainable tech as a part of this. So when giffgaff got in touch and told me about their commitment to sustainability, I was keen to find out more.

If you’re interested in sustainable shopping, I’ve written about and how you can shop second-hand stores all in one place.


When we throw away an old phone, it will end up in landfill. The materials in phones contain harmful toxins, which emit when they finally break down. But it will take hundreds of years for them for this to happen. Not a great way to treat planet Earth.

So let’s consider a refurbished phone from giffgaff. It saves yet another toxic item from landfill. And you can buy it at a reduced price compared to a brand new phone.

If you do however need a new phone for whatever reason, you can make good use of your old phone. just click here to find different ways of doing this. This way, your old phone won’t end up in landfill and you can help out the environment in the meantime! 

Great quality

But what about the quality? This was something I was always unsure about before I tried giffgaff. Their lovely team sent me a Huawei P30 Pro to try out. I have a like new model, which is exactly as it sounds.

And I can report that it lives up to its description. I don’t think I could tell the difference if someone told me it was brand new. It’s in mint condition. And it is fantastic phone! It’s lightweight, sleek, intuitive to use and responsive. It also takes superb photos; much better than any phone I’ve had before.

giffgaff get extra brownie points for using recycled packaging for all of their products too. Their refurbished phones are completely data free, with a 12 month warranty.

Budget options

If you’re looking for something lower cost, giffgaff offer four grades of phone in total. Like New, Excellent, Very Good and Good. I think this is a great approach as it means there is something for every budget.

When my daughter inevitably wants her own phone, I will definitely be getting her a refurbished phone. I’ll probably look at one of the slightly lower grades, as let’s face it which teenager looks after their stuff?!


giffgaff is a contract-free mobile network, so you don’t have to commit to a monthly direct debit. Instead, you buy giffgaff goodybags that range from £6 to £25. These include data, minutes and texts, so you can choose which option suits you. It’s a great way to be flexible. I also love that you can reduce or increase your expenditure, depending on what else you have going on that month. This month I am skint as I got a puncture, so a lower mobile phone charge is super helpful!

Some cool things you might not know about giffgaff:

  • giffgaff is a contract-free mobile network
  • giffgaff is a Scottish expression that means mutual giving.
  • It was founded in 2009 based on the belief that there’s a better way to do mobile.
  • Refurbished phones come with free next day business delivery if you order before midnight.
  • Once a giffgaff SIM card is activated, members can buy any of giffgaff’s goodybags (a bundle) that includes a mix of UK calls, text and internet and last for 30 days.

giffgaff will have refurbished phone Black Friday deals, so bookmark for the 27th November. If you are sorting your Christmas pressies early or in the market for a new phone, you could pick up a great bargain.

I will definitely be looking at giffgaff when I next buy a phone. The prices are great, the flexibility with no contract is great, and they care about the environment.


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  • Игорь

    At the pop-up shop in London’s Covent Garden, nothing is for sale. To enter, people must pay with a pledge and commit to choosing refurbished products wherever possible.

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